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Directions to WSA Field Locations
WSA Volunteers "Kindness is the greatest wisdom"

a      The Side’s Volunteer Corps      a

"Unselfish and noble actions are the most radiant pages in the biography of souls"

 In the summer of 2008, following the Ice Storm of 2007, West Side Alliance S.C. birthed a movement from the perils of the storm’s wreckage that became the silver lining of the cloudy offseason, and has emerged as the golden treasure at the the end of the proverbial rainbow.  Three men, Chris Foster, Curt Mcginis, and Nick Bradford, determined to bring "The Side" into ready condition for the upcoming season and WSA Cup tournament forged an action plan to restore, maintain, and develop the "facilities" at The Side.  The three men quickly became known around "The Side" as "the three amigos"....

Goal Safety Requirements Reducing Risk


        a     !GOAL SAFETY!     

All coaches required to check goals at STAR, Blake Bingman, Rivercity, Hollier, Ziegler Park, LaFortune, and Winnekta, EACH TRAINING SESSION and game.  Goals not anchored properly should be repaired immediately with anchors on site, reported to club officials, and players should be instructed away from the goals.  If possible the goal should be carefully moved to a "face down" position to signify it is "not in use".  CLICK the GOAL SAFET LINK for more info from Kwik Goal on proper goal anchoring.  The KWIK Goal aluminum goals at Rivercity & STARR have have steel/concrete weights attached to the back of the frames.  Goal anchors for "semi-permanent" goals at LaFortune, Hollier, Ziegler, and Blake Bingman are U-shaped stakes.  Note: the goal stakes should NEVER be removed from any goal. If any goal is without an anchor please report to club officials immediately.  

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