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I, the undersigned, agree to paying the full portion of the full amount, of the total invoice amount, and associated transaction and processing fees (2.5% standard rate), shown in this registration process, for West Side Alliance Soccer Club for the 2022-2023 seasonal year.  

I am accepting responsibility to pay the balance of this invoice in full and execute my agreement to that payment upon completion of this registration.

Understanding of Payment Options: I understand I have an option to pay the full amount in one payment or to choose a monthly payment plan offered for my convenience by the WSA organization. 

If I choose to pay in full I will pay a non-refundable amount as designated herein.  

If I choose an installment payment plan, I understand I must pay the invoice in full, the totality of all installments due on the invoice, in timely payments, as outlined in this registration process.  I understand the due dates of the monthly installments of this invoice.  Further, I acknowledge I am agreeing in this registration process that I will pay the invoice to a zero dollar balance due, without refund or exception, in the timeline listed. 

Understanding of Refund Insurance:  Since WSA Soccer does not offer refunds, I acknowledge I have the opportunity during this registration process to purchase insurance which will cover portions of my fees if my child is withdrawn from participation for any reason.  

Collection Process for the Invoice: At the time of this registration I contract to full payment of all fees, including transaction and processing fees (2.5% standard amount) as outlined in my invoice, and should any arrears arise in my account's balance due, I will remedy these within 30 days.   I understand I am entering a financial commitment to pay in full, even if I or my child choose to no longer participate at any point during the seasonal year.  All payments will be auto-drafted, under my authorization, and are understood to be non refundable and that there is no forgiveness of future payments on this invoice.  I also understand WSA Soccer reserves the right to employ necessary collection steps should any of my payment mediums (debit card, credit cards, bank drafts) prove faulty.  Should I at any time believe that WSA Soccer is not fulfilling a commitment on my behalf I will report this to the club leadership (directors, WSA Board, coordinators) of the program, and will enter into a process to remedy the situation.  I understand this process is outlined in the WSA Amendments to Club Bylaws (WSA Policy & Procedures).  As challenges in competitive team sports are expected to arise on occasion I am committed to a solution-oriented approach, and recognize such challenges do not constitute reason for refund, or non-payment. 

I also understand my team fees, presented by my team coach will also become my responsibility. I understand it is my responsibility to review the team fees expectation with my team leadership.  I understand I am responsible for the full amount of team fees which will be presented via a team budget prior to August 1 of each year.   The WSA Website provides proximate "team fees" expectations and I have reviewed this information. 

I understand that deferred or reduced payment options via WSA's Financial Assistance Process, are only recognized upon fulfilling my commitment to the team and club as defined by the “Each Other Covenant Commitment”.   Should the player stated herein not fulfill her/his obligations to the team as defined by the WSA Player Each Other Covenant then the payment in full, without the privilege of any deferments or reductions granted by financial assistance, is due immediately. 

Financial assistance can be requested per WSA's Financial Assistance process, and my billing/invoicing will be changed once that approval process is complete (I must still complete this form and pay the "initial fee").  The 2022-2023 Financial Assistance process is exclusively VIRTUAL and ONLINE.  

FINAL UNDERSTANDING OF WSA NON REFUNDABLE FEES POLICY:  You are confirming an understanding that this agreement, as executed, commits you to paying in FULL, 100% of the agreed to total REGISTRATION & MEMBERSHIP FEES within 30 days of May 1, 2023.  Registration and Membership fees have "pay in full" or "finance options".  The "finance options" offered are for your convenience and will allow you to choose from "monthly payment" options.  These payments are understood to be toward paying the full balance due of the full payment you have agreed to for the seasonal year and NOT for services "per month".   If you should withdraw from a WSA team the full amount of the invoice is still due and is not waived on a monthly basis.  

Annual Commitment: By executing this agreement I acknowledge a commitment is being made to the WSA Soccer Club for the 2022-2023 seasonal year. This commitment and contract with WSA Soccer is for the entire seasonal year, commencing May 1, 2022, and terminating at the end of the seasonal year, June 1, 2023, or after my team is eliminated from any postseason pathway, if the post season pathway occurs after June 1st, 2023. 


WSA competitive team formation takes place during a window of time when many other clubs are also holding tryouts and making team formation decisions. This is a competitive program and there are normally more players seeking a place on rosters than there are available roster spots. Therefore, the team formation process may require that we decline to offer some players a roster spot. The moment a player accepts an offer, and registers to a roster, WSA incurs certain sunk costs, including coach pay on behalf of the player and the forming WSA team, which are not recoverable by the club.  Therefore, all fees must be paid in full by the end of the year.

After registration, families who wish to remove a player from the program, after exhausting the processes available for remedy through WSA's Policies and Procedures, are still obligated to pay the balance due on their invoice of their full financial commitment. In the event that a player has a change of heart after acceptance, WSA will not refund any monies under any circumstance, and, in order to bring the relationship to a timely conclusion, will charge all outstanding monies in full, no later than 10 (ten) days of the family notifying club of their intent to leave WSA, during which time player cards will also be returned, canceled or released, and the players will be removed from team rosters allowing all parties to pursue alternate opportunities with all obligations met.

WSA is disclosing this in writing up front to allow families to carefully review it prior to accepting offers and making a commitment. WSA is a nonprofit corporation (501C3), and since all club expenses (including coach pay) are directly impacted by team formation we appreciate families making thoughtful decision before entering contracts.  There is an opportunity to purchase "refund insurance" during this registration process, via a third party on behalf of your child's participation and the various risks associated with a year-long sports commitment. 

In accepting a place on an WSA competitive team, the family recognizes that the team is operated as part of the WSA soccer club as a whole. These decisions are made not only by the team’s coach/trainer, but also with the Director of Coaching, and age group coordinator.  As such, any decisions related to the team, including the trainer assigned, the leagues/tournament the team participate in, the number of players on a roster, the players that are offered to a team, the positions the players play, the amount of time the players play are made by the coaching staff and are not considered valid reasons for a player to request a release and be given any refund.