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Adolfo Bustos (WSA 01 White) Reports From AC Milan Youth Academy

La Vita e' un sogno! (Life is a dream!)

Adolfo Bustos returned from Milan Italy where he spent a week training with the AC Milan youth academy.  Bustos has spent 3 years as a part of the AC Milan Youth Academy where he hopes the training and exposure can help him reach his fullest potential as a footballer.  Read more about his trip, and see photos of his trip to Milan here... 

La vita e' un sogno! (Life is a dream!)  


Adolfo Bustos, a team member of WSA 01 Boys White,  has been a part of the AC Milan Youth Academy for 3 years.  This past month he departed for Milan on Tuesday, March 15th, to train inside their youth academy program who continues to invite the youngster back.  It was the experience of a lifetime for a young boy who has a dream to play the game he loves professionally.  

Adolfo spent a week in Milan training and playing matches with AC Milan with AC Milan staff overseeing.  He then flew directly into Dallas to join his clubmates with WSA 01 White on match day 2 of the Dallas Cup, helping his team reach the quarterfinal stage by going unbeaten against some of the world's top youth club teams.  It was a month to remember, and what many would call the "dream".  Adolfo however has ambitions to go farther.  "My soccer goal is to become a good professional soccer player," reports Adolfo.  Note, he didn't say "any" professional soccer player, but a "good" professional soccer player. 

Adolfo's club team, WSA 01 White, finished in the final 16 of the u14 national tournament last year, losing in the Regional semifinal stage by a goal to the eventual US Youth National Champions.  Adolfo knows he has work to do to pursue his dream, "My goal has caused me to train harder, work harder, and to never give up." 

Congratulations Adolfo on the seletion to the AC Milan Youth Academy.  The Side appreciates your representation of our program with class, pride, professioanlism, and dignity.  And we are behind you.  Chase the dream!  

La Vita e' un sugno! 

AC Milan Trip Itinerary Review

March 16 - Arrive Milan & Checkin w/ Dinner at Moscova 
March 17 - Tour Casa Milan Museum, Train & Eat 
March 18 - Training Session & First Friendly Match
March 19 - Tournament Play Begins 
March 20 - Tournament Play Continues, Tour the San Siro Stadium of AC Milan (lockerrom visit during AC Milan vs Lazio) 
March 21 - Depart and Fly to Dallas to join WSA 01 White on Dallas Cup Quarterfinal run



Has playing with The Ac Milan youth academy program helped you develop in your game? How?


Playing with the Ac Milan Youth academy has helped me develop my game because playing with and seeing players that are in a completely different level than the average player has caused me to be even more determined to get better. Learning from the coaches has also helped me understand the game better, know what I need to improve on, learn in new ways, and teach me new things I can do to improve.


Playing with other great players that have different styles of play has helped me learn new ways to play the game. It makes me raise my intensity level, concentration level, and speed of play. Which in return makes me work harder and learn a lot more. Playing with them has made me a better soccer player.


The coaches have helped me out a lot tactically. Helping me out tactically is very helpful to me and my teammates because we only meet up a few times a year. This helps the team shape, understand better our style of play, formation, and roles. They emphasize on this the most because being tactically perfect is the focus of Italian soccer. Being taught by the coaches has made a me a smarter soccer player.


Playing with the Ac Milan youth academy has helped me a lot in various ways, and I feel like there is still so much to learn here.

What is your soccer playing goal? 


My soccer goal is to become a good professional soccer player. Having this as my goal has caused me to train harder, work harder, and never give up. I'll do whatever it takes to make this dream a reality, and if I get there I won't stop I'll work harder to become even better. The love for the game has pushed me this far and it will push me farther and hopefully my dream will come true.

Getting to know Adolfo Bustos

Favorite club team:AC Milan great Zapata with Adolfo in center back

FC Barcelona 


Favorite player:

Lionel Messi


Hero/Role Model:

My mom and dad


Favorite Food:



Best movie:



Favorite quote: 

"If it is to be it is up to me"


If coach Ryan wrestled a bear would he win, run away, play dead, or lose fighting?  
Play dead hahaha                                                                                                                                            Pic with AC Milan great Zapata with Adolfo center back.