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Raffle Drawing Held Thursday at West Bank

Thursday, October 4th, at West Bank, the Water West Bank Raffle winners were disclosed... Read more... 


   Thursday night, October 4th, new WSA Vice President, Josh Eardley, and Eva Watts, WSA 06 Girls, drew the 20 prize winners of the Water West Bank Raffle!  

    The fund drive, which is ongoing (you can still contribute on the homepage of WSA’s website, righthand side under "Headlines"), raised a gross of over $11,000.   "Funds are still coming in, even after the raffle has concluded", reported WSA Director of Coaching, Roger Bush.  

    The goal of the fundraiser was to initiate the steps to "Water West Bank".  The raffle fundraiser was deemed a successful launch point for funding the overall project.  And on Thursday, at 7:00 p.m., the WSA 05 Girls and WSA 06 girls, provided a drumroll for the official announcement of the winners......  

     And the winners of cash prizes are....  

1st Hannah Rodriguez - $2,500 Grand Prize

2nd J.D. Haack - $500 Runner-Up Prize

3rd Leisa Bruns - $50 Consolation Prize

4th Katy Mays - " "

5th Angie Weeks 

6th Michael Waites 

7th Danny Hayes 

8th Melissa Siemens 

9th Brooke Coney 

10th Wally Branstetter 

11th Paulette Ramse

12th Kyle Enns 

13th Oklahoma Dev.L. 

14th Alisa Morris 

15th Stephen Hendrix 

16th Philip Fuller 

17th Doris Crowson 

18th Stuart Jack 

19th Alan Armstrong 

20th Frances Whitehurst 

    Thanks to all members for participating and all team leaders for promoting the cause!! 


WSA VP Josh Eardley and Eva draw the winners of the Water West Bank Raffle fundraiser as the 05 and 06 girls look on.