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American Cancer Society


American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life
“There is no finish line until we find a cure!”

Players in the WSA Soccer Club will participate in a two-month fundraiser effort, attempting to raise funds for the American Cancer Society (ACS) through donations and other creative team fundraising activities.
None.  It is expected that the heart and spirit of our volunteer group will prevail and the call and need will be felt to contribute.
A modest goal of $1,000 is set for the club - $100 per team.  More importantly we hope to raise awareness of the fight against cancer.  We also hope to remind ourselves of the beauty and gift of life. 
Background (provided by ACS)
The American Cancer Society (ACS) remains the largest source of private, nonprofit cancer research funds in the nation.  Since 1946, the American Cancer Society has distributed more than $2.8 billion to researchers in the fight against cancer and has funded 38 Nobel Prize winners.  The American Cancer Society invested more than $100 million in research nationwide this year.
The search for new funds to fight cancer is a never-ending quest.  However, the American Cancer Society has discovered a very efficient method – Relay For Life!  Designated as the American Cancer Society’s signature activity, Relay For Life has become the largest fundraising event in the nation!
Put your best step forward by supporting the Relay For Life!
Your Next Step Can Make A Difference!
More information
            Further information on how to begin your fundraising efforts will be posted here soon!  Check back.   Also, your team manager will have information that he/she will provide to your team to get you started.
THE RELAY!  -- American Cancer Society and WSA NEED YOU!  

WSA Soccer Club 2006 - 2010 C.A.P.’s Clubwide Project
Thank you WSA Family for all of the donations!
WSA Family Donation History







2006 $575