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2021-2022 LEAGUE INFO

LEAGUE APPLICATION:  WSA has completed your league application and all WSA 13U thru 19U teams are applied and accepted to the EA League. 

PLAYER REGISTRATION:  Players will be registered via USSSA.  Kurt Quillman will serve as the EA Registrar and will manage team rosters. 


  • Senior Technical Director: Alex McLaurin
  • EA Director: Levi Coleman 
  • Boys Technical Support: Ryan Bush 
  • EA Admin: Kurt Quillman 

LEAGUE FEE: $3,500/annual League Entry Fee/Team

  • National Showcase Event #1: $1,200
  • National Showcase Event #2: $1,200
  • League Admin Fee: $1,100 


  • Preferred is payment in full to WSA by September 1
  • Payment must be set up by Aug 1 with a minimum $200 deposit 
  • Balance of League Fee of $3,500 is due by October 1 
  • WSA will pay EA the full amount and will require teams to help offset the cash outlay from the club with minimal deposits due in close proximity to the league entry fee deadline 


National Showcases 2021-2022 (WSA EA 15U-19U TBD of which two will attend) - MORE INFO

  • Fall Showcase: October 1-3, 2021; Round Rock Multipurpose Complex; Austin, TX
           HOTEL PORTAL:  Click Here
  • Spring Showcase: April 1-3, 2022; Kino Sports Complex; Tucson, AZ

Regional Showcase Events are set and listed below: WSA EA 13U-14U will attend one of these events TBD

  • West Regional, September 18-19, Regional Athletic Complex, Salt Lake City, UT
  • East Regional, November 6-7, Hillsborough County Sportsplex, Tampa Bay, FL
  • MidAmerica Regional, March 5-6, Overland Park, Kansas City, KS

Roster Rules:

Roster Size: 30 players (U13-U19); 20 players (U11-U12)

Match Day Roster: 18 players (U13-U19; 14 players (U11-U12)

A club can have a player pool larger than 30 players (U13-U19) or 20 players (U11-U12), but can never have more than 30 players on the roster.  You can be at 30 and remove a player and be at 29 and add a completely new player to go back to 30.  The roster freeze date for all clubs will be April 18, 2021

The 2021-2022 EA Rules and Standards have been added to the website and please find attached a pdf version as well. Please find some important rules outlined below:

  • Roster - 30 players, but players can be added or deleted (as long as it stays at 30 or below) until Roster Freeze Date (TBD)
  • Match Day Roster - 18 players 
  • Players do not need to be on the Permanent Roster if they are an EA player playing up an age, they just need to be added to the match day roster
  • Players are only allowed to play one game per day, except a goalkeeper.  For example, An 05 player rostered to the 05 team, can not play in the 05 game, and then later that same day play in the 04 game.  
  • No limit on the number of players playing up an age group from the roster they are permanently listed with. 

Game Length: No overtime in regular-season matches

U13: 2 x 35 minutes
U14: 2 x 40 minutes
U15: 2 x 40 minutes
U16: 2 x 40 minutes
U17: 2 x 45 minutes
U19: 2 x 45 minutes


Matches in the U13-U19 age groups will operate under the FIFA-7 players “per half” substitution system. Once replaced, players cannot re-enter the game during that half of play. There shall be a maximum of 3 moments to make seven (7) substitutions in any half or in overtime of any Elite Academy League Competition.

Inputting Scores: The home club is responsible for entering scores

After each game, please make sure to input the scores at | Must know match number before entering score

The PIN is 1470