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2021-2022 NPL INFO

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  2021-2022 League Info
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   The NPL is a system of leagues sanctioned by US Club Soccer across the U.S. for advanced level, competitive regional league play.  There are conferences in every region of the U.S.  The Conference Champions meet in a National Tournament each summer, the NPL Finals / Play-Offs.  

BACKGROUND:  The Red River NPL Conference was taken over in operations by U90C in Spring 2020.  The current format, fees, directives, are all exclusively governed by U90C the league operator.  WSA continues to support and be a part of this Regional League which provides regionalized competition for our ambitious competitive teams seeking travel, diversified competition, higher level of competition, exposure, and opportunity to compete for a national pathway. 

WSA HISTORY OF NPL SUCCESS:  WSA Soccer Club has been named OVERALL CLUB CHAMPION of the NPL RED RIVER CONFERENCE the past 3 years!  WSA won the NPL Overall Club Champion in 2018-19, 2019-2020, and 2020-2021!  This includes finishing on top 20+ clubs from OK, AR, TX, KS, MO each of those 3 years.  Several conference champions, including 6 national recongitions in 3 years:  WSA 03 Boys - Final-32, WSA 00 Boys - Final-8, WSA 01 Boys - Final-5, and WSA 00 Boys NATIONAL CHAMPIONS 2019.   * Revised June 28, 2021: WSA 2005 Boys Elite 8 and WSA 2007 Boys Elite 8. 

NATIONAL PATHWAY:  The Champion of the Red River NPL Conference qualifies for the NPL Finals.  If a WSA team does not qualify, there are alternative pathways available via OPC State Cup, and USCS Regionals. 

CLUB'S TECHNICAL STAFF:  Girls NPL Technical Director: Dan Williams;  Boys NPL Technical Director: Alex McLaurin; Club's NPL Administrator: Barry Roberts.   * These positions could change for 2021-2022. 

ROSTER SIZE: Up to 26 players may be rostered per seasonal year. 

SUBSTITUTION RULE: Up to 7 substitutions allowed per half. 

STANDARDS: Teams MUST complete 100% of their scheduled games, make all travel commitments, field a competitive roster (seeking club pool for player replacement in case of injury, illness, or lack of players), abide by club curriculum, training inside a periodization structure committed to successful preparation, follow game day regeneration and preparation protocols, and adhere to highest standards of behavior and conduct of players, coaches, and parents.  WSA upon hosting NPL weekends, will provide tents, athletic trainer, signage, water stations, etc.... 


From U90C, NPL Red River League Operator, Memo to Clubs, July 1, 2021

GotSport team registration for 2021-22 NPL North season is open. Please send the link below to your interested NPL teams to register.


Once registration closes on August 2nd, we will communicate with the coach/team manager to make sure each team understands which Plan (A or B) will be used for that specific age group & bracket.

From U90C the NPL League Operator, Memo to Clubs June 15, 2021

Plan A: NPL North to have separate division within Red River NPL based on # of teams/clubs in the North. Cost is $1,050 * based on 12-14 game Fall season. Games would be played in OK/AR at club’s home facilities (same as 2020-21 season). This plan is determined by having enough North teams in the same age group/competition level to play each other and limit travel. Playoff between NPL North champion & NPL South champion to determine who advances to NPL Finals. Runner Up advances to South Central Regionals.

Plan B: NPL North/South Red River combined division. This option will be provided for those age groups which do not have enough North teams to form a separate bracket. North & South teams will play each other during league play. Oklahoma teams will host some home games, however the number of home games is based on the number of teams involved from OK/AR. Cost is U13-14 ($1,960) & U15-olders ($2,060) *based on a 16 game year round season. Winner of combined North/South division advances to NPL Finals. Runner up advances to South Central Regionals.

Got Sport is rolling out their league registration platform soon and we intend for team applications to open on July 1. We will send out notification to you when registration is open. If your club has specific teams planning to play in NPL for the upcoming 2021/22 season, please feel free to send us your committed team’s list.