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After the "vetting period" closes then all games will be "final".  After the "vetting period" the only reschedules that will be allowed will be those requested a minimum of 14 days prior to the scheduled match.  These games will be rescheduled via the same process as during the vetting period (See Process Below). 

If you need details of process, see below: 
1. Communicate with opponent and resolve 3 potential dates. 
2. WSA HOME GAMES: Submit the WSA RESCHEDULE FORM.  Once receiving approval submit the OPC RESCHEDULE FORM. 


Reasons Why You Might Need to Reschedule: 
Multiple Games on Same Day, Coach Conflicts, Tournament Conflicts, Too Many Games in Short Period of Time, Team is Missing Players, Travel Constraints Do Not Make Sense, etc....

1. Locate the opponent contact information from the OPC Schedule by clicking the "hyperlink" of the team name in the schedule.  The contact info for the team is located at the top of the team page.  If the opponent info is not available you can contact the OPC League Office at: or  Due to the anticipated high volumes of communication during the initial scheduling phases (Vetting Period) you can also contact any WSA Club Director who will work to coordinate contact info with the opponent's Club Director. 

2. Contact the opponent by email AND text, identifying the game date, time, location, your desire to revised the date/time, and offer at least 2 options (preferably 3) for alternative date/times. 

3. If the opponent has not agreed or has not replied within 48 hours, then complete the OPC reschedule form by CLICKING HERE.  At this time you will answer "NO" to the final question: "Have both teams agreed to this reschedule request? "   This step is to simply memorialize your effort to contact the opponent in case there is any future conflict over resolving a new date/time.

4. Allow 48 hours for a reply.  if no reply in 48 hours, contact the opponent again.  If after 4 days you do not receive a reply from your opponent then inform Roger and Rachel, the WSA Home Club Schedulers.  Roger and Rachel will attempt to contact the club and if needed will escalate to the OPC League Office.   You are able to contact the league office directly as well, but be sure you have previously completed an OPC Reschedule form and you can reference that form submission. 

5. Agree to a new date/time. 

6. FOR ALL WSA HOME GAMES: Contact your WSA "home club scheduler" via this form which will go to Simon (and Roger & Rachel) who will reply inside of 24 hours.  You should submit the WSA HOME RESCHEDULE FORM ONLY AFTER you have communicated with the opponent and found 2-3 potential dates for a reschedule*Try to avoid sending emails and texts.  Reminder WSA has 150+ teams so your email/text is one of possibly hundreds.  When communicating with your home club scheduler please list details - DO NOT ASSUME we know your team, league, home facility, opponent, schedule.  Assume the scheduler knows "nothing" and provide those details concisely & succinctly. 

If it is an "away" game your opponent will be contacting their "home club scheduler".  We encourage you to prompt your opponent to make contact with their "home scheduler" to help expedite the process.  

If this is a home game NOT at RiverCity Parks you are advised to ALSO contact the WSA Home Club Schedulers listed below as a safeguard to facility availability (* be prepared for this list to be revised).   

7. Complete the OPC reschedule form by CLICKING HERE.  At this time you will answer "YES" to the final question: "Have both teams agreed to this reschedule request?".   Please note that the OPC RESCHEDULE FORM is different from the WSA Internal Reschedule Form.  Please also note that WSA is NOT the league (OPC is the league entity, and WSA is a partner in this league entity). 


1. Please respond and reply as soon as you can. Be courteous, polite and gracious. 

2. Review the opponent new date & time requests. 

3. If you are a team manager please include your coach so that she/he can review the new proposed date/time against her/his schedule of conflicts, and also so that the coach can determine if the game fits the team's periodization schedule for training:game ratios, and workload:rest ratios. 

4. If you agree to the new proposed date/time and this is a WSA HOME GAME contact your WSA HOME SCHEDULERS via THIS FORM to find out if there is a field available on the day/time requested.  Expect to hear back within 24 hours.  ** If your game is NOT at RiverCity Parks please also contact your "home club scheduler" listed below. 

5. If you hear back from your Home Club Schedulers that there is a field availalbe for the new times, you can confirm w/ the opponent and then ask opponent to complete the OPC RESCHEDULE FORM.   You should also complete the OPC RESCHEDULE FORM.


WSA Central/Tulsa/RiverCity Parks - Simon Rodriguez & Rachel Bush

  • WSA Central/Tulsa/RiverCity Parks - Simon Rodriguez & Rachel Bush & Roger Bush
    • Parameters to Consider in Request: 
      • Games to be scheduled Saturday at 9 AM, 11 AM, 1 PM, 3 PM, 5 PM
        • Until October 17, after October 17, the latest kick-off time is 3 PM 
      • Games to be schedule Sunday at 12 PM, 2 PM, 4 PM 
      • Weeknight games can be played for 11v11 on F10 and F5 at 6 PM or 745 PM
      • Weeknight games can be played for 9v9 on F1 at 6 PM or 745 PM  
  • WSA OKC - Von Brinkley 
    • SW Christian - 9v9 & 11v11 (08,07,06)
    • SNU - 11v11 Only (05, 04, 03, 02) 
  • WSA North - Ryan Alexander 
  • WSA South - Todd Friend 
  • WSA OC/Skiatook - Tom Slavin 
  • WSA Rise/Sapulpa - Bobby Behrens 





WSA SCHEDULE COURTESY PROCESS:  Contact your opponent prior to your game

1. Contact your opponent via TEXT & EMAIL at least one week prior to your home or away OPC game as a courtesy. 

2. Confirm game details:

  • Date/Day
  • Kick-Off Time
  • Location/Adress
  • Colors Teams Will Wear

3. If your opponent does not reply within 24 hours, contact again.  Include both coach & manager.  If your game is away and involves travel of over 30 minutes, we suggest, if receiving no reply, that you contact that club's admin or director, or the league office ( or, or your club's director to help engage the opponent to assure that the opponent and game ops will be ready for your game.

4. If it is a HOME game for WSA be sure to cross-reference this with the weekly WSA Home Game Schedule that will be sent out for review.  This ensures your game will be assigned referees. 

5. If it is an AWAY game be sure to remind your opponent to confirm the game with their "home scheduler" via whatever process their club uses. 

6. Reminder that if you change a game for "any reason" that is not with the 14 day notice, your team will be charged the referee fees associated with the game.   You may wish to grant an opponent a "reschedule", however, the club will still be required to invoice your team for the referee fees for that game.  If the game is canceled or reschedule due to any "act of God" your team will not be charged these fees.