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WSA Team Formation for the 2019-2020 Seasonal Year begins on May 1, 2019 when players can "sign" with a club.  

During the month of May WSA will host "open training sessions".  If you have not scheduled your "open training sessions" yet visit the
Open Session Page on the WSA Coach Section of the Website.

Upon registering parents will have the option of paying the registration fee or choosing to remit a $5 deposit, and set up a payment plan that begins on June 1, 2019. 

Each WSA-Tulsa team has been assigned (see below) a "30-minute Team Registration Session" at the West Bank Ken Lovelee Clubhouse.  Coaches should plan to attend this session with your team. 


Do ALL players have to attend the "Team Registration Session"?  No.  Any player who chooses to register online at their home can do so. 

Can players register online instead of attending?  If the player is not applying for financial assistance, then the answer is yes the player may register online instead of attending in-person.  If you want to make sure your players register so you don't have to worry about your roster situation then we encouage you to attend and ask your players and parents to attend together. However, if the player is applying for financial assistance, then the player MUST ATTEND.  

How long will a "team registration session" last?  About 30 minutes.  We will have stations for financial assistance application, and 6 stations for registering players.  We will have enough staff to assist 12 families at once. 

Do Financial Assistance Players have to attend?  Yes.  
In no uncertain terms the financial assistance application process will require players to attend.  Coaches & Managers it is imperative you make certain these players attend your team registration session (see below schedule).  

Is there a deadline for Financial Assistance Applications?  Yes.  There is a
HARD DEADLINE of June 1st for all returning players to apply for financial assistance.  PLEASE BE SURE TO BE PROACTIVE in getting returning players through this process!

What if the coach has not finalized team selections at the time of the team registration session? This is understood.  We will continue to offer registration sessions through the end of May and into the first week of June.  However, IT IS IMERATIVE that the coach communicate with club officials of this situation, especially if this creates a team registration reshedule. 

Can players register to the club and then be placed to a team?  Yes, this will be allowed. 

What if a player registers to the club and the team formation process stalls?  The club will release players who sign during the May period if the team formation process stalls, and they request that release throughout the May period.  After June 1 players must go through the WSA normal release process. 

Do teams from WSA-North, WSA-OKC, WSA-Arsenal, WSA-OC, WSA-South have "team registration sessions"? No. Currently these are not scheduled in those Community Clubs.  However, players and families from those Community Clubs should be attentive to registration processes communicated by the Community Clubs' Directors of Coaching.  


WSA 09 GIRLS 33 players Thursday 9-May 6:30 PM 1 HOUR SLOT
WSA 09B Red 11 players Thursday 9-May 6:00 PM
WSA 09B Blue 10 players Thursday 9-May 6:00 PM
WSA 09B Torn 10 players Thursday 9-May 6:00 PM
WSA 09 Red Dragons 11 players TBD TBD TBD
WSA 08G Red 11 players Tuesday 21-May 7:00 PM
WSA 08G Blue 11 players Tuesday 21-May 7:30 PM
WSA 08B Blue 10 players Wednesday 22-May 7:00 PM
WSA 08B Red 10 players Wednesday 22-May 6:30 PM
WSA 08B White 10 players Wednesday 22-May 6:00 PM
WSA 08B Tornadoes 10 players Thursday 16-May 7:30 PM Lupita
WSA 07G Red 15 players Monday 20-May 7:30 PM
WSA 07G White 15 players Monday 15-May 7:30 PM Rescheduled from 5/20
WSA 07B Blue 14 players Monday 20-May 6:30 PM
WSA 07B Red 14 players Monday 20-May 6:00 PM
WSA 07B Torn Red 14 players Thursday 16-May 7:00 PM Lupita
WSA 07B Torn Blue 14 players Thursday 16-May 7:00 PM Lupita
WSA 06G Red 15 players Tuesday 21-May 6:30 PM
WSA 06G White 15 players Tuesday 14-May 7:30 PM
WSA 06G Blue 15 players Tuesday 21-May 6:00 PM
WSA 06B Red 15 players Tuesday 21-May 6:00 PM
WSA 06B Blue 15 players Tuesday 21-May 6:45 PM
WSA 06B Torn Red 15 players Thursday 16-May 6:30 PM Lupita
WSA 06B Torn Black 15 players Thursday 16-May 6:00 PM Lupita
WSA 05G White 16 players Tuesday 14-May 8:00 PM
WSA 05B White 16 players Wednesday 15-May 6:00 PM
WSA 05B Yellow 16 players Wednesday 15-May 6:30 PM
WSA 05B Red 16 players Wednesday 22-May 7:30 PM RESCHEDULED from May 15 7:30 PM
WSA 05B Black 16 players Wednesday 15-May 7:30 PM
WSA 05B Fire Tigers 13 players Wednesday 15-May 8:00 PM
WSA 04G Red 17 players Tuesday 14-May 7:00 PM
WSA 04G Black 17 players Tuesday 14-May 6:30 PM
WSA 04G Blue/White 17 players Tuesday 14-May 6:00 PM
WSA 04B Red 17 players Monday 13-May 8:00 PM
WSA 04B Black 17 players Monday 13-May 7:30 PM
WSA 03G Red 17 players Thursday 16-May 8:00 PM
WSA 03G White 17 players Thursay 9-May 7:45 PM
WSA 03G Blue 17 players Thursday 9-May 8:15 PM
WSA 03B Red 17 players Monday 13-May 6:00 PM
WSA 03B White 17 players Monday 13-May 6:30 PM
WSA 03B Blue 17 players Monday 13-May 7:00 PM
WSA 02G Red 18 players Wednesday 8-May 700 PM
WSA 01/02G Red 18 players Wednesday 8-May 700 PM  
WSA 01B Blue 18 players Wednesday 8-May 600 PM
WSA 01B Black 18 players Wednesday 8-May 600 PM
WSA 01B Red 18 players Wednesday 8-May 600 PM  
WSA 01B White 18 players Wednesday 9-May 8:15 PM Rescheduled from 6:00 PM
WSA 02B Red 18 players Monday 13-May 600 PM