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Hello Managers and Coaches, 
Thank you to all who have submitted your rosters via the ROSTER UPDATE FORM. I have been getting the same questions, so in an attempt to not spam you with emails and to best focus my time and effort, I am going to try to make it as straightforward as possible. 
Please read carefully and follow the process below:
1. Make sure you are registered either as a coach or manager via this link: Manager and Coach Registration
2. There are NO team accounts in the new system. Everything that you access for your team will be via your own personal Gotsport account that you set up when you registered as a manager/coach at You will then have access to view your team rosters, game cards, etc by clicking on the Team Management tab, and then selecting your team.
3. Once all of your players are registered in the new gotsport system at, submit your roster with ALL players, last name first and DOB. Submit roster here: Roster Update Form
4. If you have NOT submitted your roster to me via the Roster Update form above, then the players that you see in your team account do NOT represent your actual I won't be able to make adjustments to your roster unless you have completed steps 1-3...once you have completed these, then we can talk about changes to your roster. 
5. Once you have submitted your roster to me via the Roster Update Form, you can follow the instructions attached to this email in order to view your 20-21 Season Roster. Your "Current Team Roster" is NOT your actual season roster. You will need to click on the drop down under "Events" and select "West Side Alliance Player List 20-21 Season" to view your actual season roster. Step by step instructions attached.
Thank you for all you do, and please don't hesitate to reach out with questions that I may not have covered.
Thank you!
Rachel Bush
Registrar  | West Side Alliance S.C.
Phone: 314.680.8484 | Email:                                    
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