Achievement+ Perspective+ Perseverance




Why I Play 

For 25 years WSA Soccer Club has been vested in a mission to find solutions to the deterrents of participation in sport.  Why?  Sport in our opinion is a truth haven, a safe haven, and a relationship haven.  

Without fail sport will tell the TRUTH....
          It rewards hard work, service, sacrifice, discipline, and cooperation.  And it reveals another TRUTH: matters are not always fair, there will be adversity, growth is normally a struggle, and we don't always win.  

Sport is a SAFE harbor....
           For some it is the place to go to be away from the other struggles of life.  At it's purest form, it is still a game, that safely connects us to the virtues of childhood.  And it is in this arena, that life's toughest lessons can be taught, learned, and experienced, all safely, consequential by only a "lesson learned" to prepare us in youth for consequences both good and bad, that can become more permanent and lasting in adulthood. 

Sport helps build RELATIONSHIP....
           Through teamwork, friendships for life, brotherhoods and sisterhoods, are regularly established.  Mentorship through coach-player interaction can be some of life's greatest relationships.  The relationship that evolves through parent and child on the journey of a sport career from youth to high school/college is invaluable.  Self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-worth evolve to help each individual relate to "self" and ultimately roots us to our very creation.  

WSA Soccer has commited to providing this pathway and opportunity to youth, through it's long standing mission of overcoming any of the deterrents towards particiaption: finances, geography, language, cultural mores, and access.  For the past several years WSA has committed approximately $250,000 of it's annual budget at a "club" level toward helping finance "need-based" assistance.  We are growing, and there will begin a correlarly of growth of the financial assistance budget.  We will maintain our mission through growth, and thus the budget must expand.

WSA estimates that through generosity of several grassroots parent efforts that another similar amount is graciously provided within our teams.  You kmow the stories of your teams that has driven your generosity, sacrifice of time on behalf of the player who needs assistance, or the family who needs extra help.  

We want to tell our story.  We want you to hear the story from the kids who play the game.  This is our "why".  

Your help enhances what we already know we will achieve.  Thoughtfullness, planning, and prayer that has been intense, focused, and convicted will see us through to all of our goals.  The need is sincere, earnest, vetted by a screening process, and it is REAL.  

This particular fundraising effort is targeted toward enhancing the FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE efforts of the club.  Whether that be tournament fees, training fees, or tangible items such as equipment and uniform purchases.  On a grander level, it is also a means toward development of faciltiies in areas that WSA serves where facilities currently limit access to the sport.  All of the funds will be dedicated toward "need-based" financial assistance.  

We are committed, convicted, and purposed, as a collective organization to improve access to sport.  But we believe others can enhance what we already know we will accomplish for kids. Thanks for considering this opportunity to pass on OUR STORY.   Whether we raise $100 or $100,000, let's be sure we have told OUR STORY. 


Roger Bush
WSA Soccer
Executive Director & Advocate