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April 2007

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 |April 2007|

WSA 92 Girls Win Runner-Up Trophy
The WSA 92 girls went through the first round of the WSA Cup tournament unbeaten, winning twice and tying once.  However, the team entered the championship match only 30 minutes after the final whistle blew in their final opening round game.  The team battled exhaustion, and took a good attitude in spite of the scheduling quirk, and nearly found itself on the winner's stand.

In the end Sheffield 91 would score a late goal to seal the match after the score stood at 2-1 for a stretch of time when WSA looked like ti might get an equalizer.  The WSA Cup trophy was well-earned by the hard-working WSA 92 girls team.  The squad registered a 3rd place finish in league play this past season, won the preseason Roundrobin Tournament, and now will add the WSA Cup runners-up medallions to their collection.  Most importantly the girls reported that they had a great time, and if you check the "pic of the week" you'll see they may have created the most clever goalscoring celebration of the tournament.  

The WSA 92 girls are coached this season by Billy Wallace, and team manager is Jim Campbell.
Congratulations WSA 92 ladies on an outstanding tournament effort! [04/08/07]

Three WSA Boys Teams Reach Semis: 93's, 92's, 91's
Three WSA boys teams found their way to the semifinals of the 2007 WSA Cup tournament.  There wasn't enough room for all to make the final or the club may have brought home more hardware.  The WSA 91 boys and WSA 92 boys joined the WSA 90 boys in the u17 boys semifinal stage of the 2007 WSA Cup tournament.  Pedro Colina's 91 boys and Ryan Bush's 92 boys are two of Oklahoma's most improved boys sides in the past two years.
Both WSA teams beat Blitz United 90 and Lou Fusz 90 in the first round to qualify for the semis.  However, WSA 92 would find the WSA 90 boys waiting in the shadows of the semifinal stage, and after a quality match, and good soccer from both sides, the older boys prevailed 4-0.  However, respect was garnered by the 92 boys who three times this season have played up one or two age divisions and found respectable results. 
WSA 91 boys would face Blitz 90 in back to back encounters after defeating the team 1-0 in the first round.  While the 91's controled the rhythm of play, Blitz found a forward who got around the right side to score two goals against the run of play.  The 91's missed a penalty moments from time that would have drawn the game level, and had to leave the tournament without hardware on the 2-1 defeat.  

The WSA 93 boys picked WSA Cup weekend to turn in some of their best soccer of the season, going for 2 wins and a draw in the group stage to reach the semifinals.  WSA 93 defeated Tulsa Tornado 2-0, Air Capital Assault 9-0, and then drew with Bartlesville 1-1, after leading much of the match.  WSA would face Hurricane Reid in the semifinal stage, and would fall 4-0 there, but not until after a great tournament run. 
Well done lads on a great tournament weekend and for continuing the strong tradition of "footballing" excellence the West Side Alliance boy's (men's) program is known for.

WSA 92 Boys pose after a hard fought match against nationally ranked Little Rock FC 91.  The 92 boys have made a habit of playing older competition this year, and reached the semifinal stage of the 2007 WSA Cup after defeating Blitz 90 and Lou Fusz 90. 

WSA 94 and WSA 90 boys Tournament Champions!
The WSA 94 boys brought home their first tournament "championship" trophy on April 1st at their own tournament, 2007 WSA Cup.  A few hours later the WSA 90 boys would add another peice of championship hardware to the West Side Alliance S.C. boys collection by winning their final match.  Both teams went unscored on in the final, demonstrating WSA's strong tradition and pride in defending.
WSA 94 upended TSC 94 White by a score of 1-0, after a very hard fought and well played match by both teams.  WSA players credited TSC with an enormous amount of energy and intensity from the opening whistle to the final full time whistle.  A Reibi Bustos service found the head of Joey Hall 5 minutes into the 2nd half as WSA saw an extended period of pressure finally pay off.  WSA 94 defeated HSC All-Stars 10-0, and VSC Alliance 1-0, in earlier matches to reach the championship stanza and fulfill a tournament "clean slate" thanks in large part to backline play of Brent Bradford, Ricky Jones, and Chris Orduna, and goalkeeping of Tyler McIntosh.  The 94 boys made WSA Cup their 4th consecutive tournament advancement, their 4th trophy of the year, and 2nd championship medallion.  It has been a quite a turn-a-round for the team that was seeded dead last in the state tournament less than one year ago. WSA 94 boys are coached by Roger Bush and Jeff McIntosh, and team manager is Jamie Bradford.
The WSA 90 boys have made collecting hardware of the championship variety a habit lately.  After winning the Oklahoma Premiere League Championship just weeks ago, the team added new hardware to their trophy case on April 1st after a dazzling championship performance in the finals, defeating Bitz 90 5-0 in the fnals of the WSA Cup.  WSA 90 reached the finals after defeating WSA 92 in the semifinal stage, and collecting two wins and a draw in the preliminary stage.  It was not the first championship trophy the boys have collected from WSA Cup.  Three years ago the team also faced Blitz 90 in the finals, and on that day squeaked out a one goal win.  The 90 boys are trained by Josh McElroy, and team managers are David Duffey and Pat Major.  The squad will now prep for the upcoming state competitions.
Congratulations and well done WSA 94 boys and WSA 90 boys ~ 2007 WSA Cup Champions!

WSA 94 Boys with their first tournament championship medallions at the 2007 WSA Cup.  

WSA Girls Teams Champions Again, 89's and 94's!
Being champions is nothing new to the 89 girls and the 94 girls.  In fact winning the WSA Cup has become "old hat" for the 94's.  The WSA 89 girls reached their fourth consecutive WSA Cup finals this past weekend, and the 94 girls reached their third consecutive finals in as many years.  

The 89's battled through an exhausting weekend, coupling high school tournament play with their club tournament play, and reached the finals on two wins and a draw in the preliminaries.  In the championship match the team would face ESC 89, and though WSA created the majority of chances, the team could only muster a slim 1-0 scoreline.  That scoreline vanished 25 minutes into the 2nd half, and the team found many near misses come excruciatingly close to creating the winner.  Instead the exhausted team went to extra time.  Both teams, WSA and ESC played gutty soccer and after the extra minutes penalties would be needed to declare a winner.  Good fortune finally found the WSA group as Shelby Rice, WSA's keeper, turned away the 4th shooter, and Mikella Schexnider put in the winner in the 5th round.  WSA who has lost 3 championship matches in penalties, including last year's WSA Cup final, was elated to bring home the WSA Cup back to their side in what is many player's senior year. WSA 89 girls are coached by Roger Bush, Jamie Davis, and manager is Brenda Garner.
While the 89 girls were going to penalties the 94 girls were prepping for their third consecutive WSA Cup championship match.  This year WSA 94 would face Bartlesville 94 in the final.  After storming through the first round, and then winnning 12-0 over EFC White in the semifinals, the squad proceeded to stay on track by defeating Bartlesville 4-0 in the final.  The team garnered 24 goals for and none against, turning in the clean sheet for the tournament and one of many championship trophies they have collected in their three years together.  The 94 girls are coached by Dustyn and Terry Hall.  
Congratulations to both girls teams for another great tournament showing and for continuing to represent the West Side Alliance S.C. with class and dignity.  

WSA Cup Champions!  WSA 89 girls pose with the WSA Cup trophy, a bit goofy after an exhausting weekend, but satisfied to bring back the Cup in many player's senior year.

Champions Again!  The WSA 94 girls seen here moments before they would take the field to claim their third consecutive WSA Cup championship trophy.  Here the girls have built a pyramid in support of the 89 girls who were in a penalty kick shootout in their championship game.  "...This is our sisterhood!" 

Lil Alliance 98 Girls Surprise at Tournament;
Reach Semis
The Lil Alliance Academy 98 girls team has put in a lot of soccer since last year and the WSA Cup tournament this year.  And it showed this past weekend, a year later, at the 2007 WSA Cup tournament!  A year ago the team was playing it's first organized competitive matches and losing by lopsided margins.  This past weekend, Coaches Mark Foster and Josh Eardley were able to preach a valuable lesson of "hard work pays off" to one of WSA's youngest girls teams.  

The team who last year gave up nearly 30 goals in three games, found itself tied 0-0 at halftime with Basira's "A" team in the semifinals of the WSA Cup.  Only an obsure penalty, created by a misdirected ball bouncing off one of the turf's mud clumps into an arm of a LASA defender could undo the draw.  Basira would go on to score another goal moments after converting the penalty to win by a respectable margin of 2-0.  Basira would then go on to defeat the Hurricane Academy team in the championship to win the tournament.   
Lil Alliance 98 girls opened the tournament with a 3-0 setback to the same Basira team they saw in the semifinals.  They needed a strong second half performance to overcome a 3-goal deficit in their next match to tie Basira Green 3-3.  The come from behind effort gave the team momentum heading into it's match with Extreme 98.  LASA was able to march on to a 4-0 victory over Extreme's Academy in a hard fought match played in some muddy and sloppy conditions.  The win and draw earned LASA enough points for the semifinal spot where they would face Basira White, losing 2-0, but not before giving a monumental effort.

Congratulations LASA 98 girls for a great showing this weekend in the 2007 WSA Cup tournament!  And well done on the tremendous improvement in level of play demonstrated from a year ago! [04/05/07]

"WSA Cup 2007 Runners-Up, Lil Alliance 98 Boys"
98 Boys Finalist at WSA Cup
The Lil Alliance Academy 98 boys team, coached by Greg Haney and Stan Mitchell, turned in another strong tournament performance this past weekend, as they reached the finals of the WSA Cup tournament before losing in the second stanza of overtime to TSC.   The team beat Thunder 2-0, and then beat Hurricane 5-2 en route to the championship showdown with TSC.  

The team saw a long period of pressure result in many near misses but after two halves of soccer, and the score deadlocked at 2-2 the teams would go into extra time.  In extra time TSC would find a goal in the 2nd overtime period just before penalty kicks would have determined the winner.  The 98 boys played a great match, and their coaches were extremely proud of their effort and work.  Most importantly the boys had a great time playing through some sloppy and muddy conditions.   
This very young team seems destined to continue the strong tradition of excellence for the West Side Alliance Soccer Club's boys program.  The team missed advancing playing up in the u10 boys division three weeks ago by goal difference.  Last year the team was crowned WSA Cup Champions.  They have already picked up their 2nd piece of hardware in their young careers. 
Congratulations 98 boys on a great tournament!  
"The WSA 98 boys team members line up at the awards pavilion getting ready to accept their medallions at the 2007 WSA Cup tournament."

WSA Teams Successful in Tournament Weekend!
Several WSA teams turned in good performances this weekend in the 7th Annual WSA Cup.  Here's a summary of the results.  Check back later for articles on all teams.

WSA 98 girls -- Semifinalist
WSA 98 boys -- FINALIST
WSA 94 girls -- CHAMPIONS
WSA 94 boys -- CHAMPIONS
WSA 93 boys -- Semifinalist
WSA 92 boys -- Semifinalist
WSA 92 girls --  FINALIST
WSA 91 boys -- Semifinalist
WSA 90 boys -- CHAMPIONS
WSA 89 girls --  CHAMPIONS