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97 Boys Red, 99 Girls Red, 95 Girls

 WSA 99 Girls Red, WSA 97 Boys Red, WSA 95 Girls advance to State President’s Cup Finals Weekend!  The Side sends six to compete in the event, three advance on another good weekend of tournament play for the club!  Click here to read more...

 Edmond -- The WSA Soccer club sent six teams to compete in the State President’s Cup this past weekend, April 24-25, at the Edmond Soccer Club, and half of those teams advanced to the championship rounds to be held May 8th and 9th in Edmond.  

    The WSA 95 girls, WSA 99 girls Red, and WSA 97 boys Red, each came away with winning records and enough points to make it through the last stage of the Oklahoma’s State President Cup.  The 97 boys Red team had advanced after day one by defeating both of it’s opponents 3-0 en route to the semifinal stage.  The 99 girls needed a hard fought win over TSC 99 girls to get through to the next round on two wins and a loss, while the 95 girls won their first two matches to qualify for the last stage of the tournament.  

   These three teams will play in the semifinal stage on Saturday, May 8th, at Edmond Soccer Club.  "The Side" would love to get some fan support out for our teams playing for the right to reach "the final".  For directions to the Edmond Soccer Complex click here. The game schedules should be posted later this week and you can click here to get kick-off times for these teams. 

   The WSA 96 boys blue and WSA 97 boys blue also both had good weekends.  The 96 boys capped off their first round with a victory over Tulsa Nationals 96, but did not have enough points to advance.  The 96 boys blue narrowly missed qualifying, losing 1-0 to OFC, drawing with FC Bartlesville, and defeating FC Bartlesville.  Coach Adam Gardner reported, "It’s starting to come together", referencing the progress of the WSA 97 blue team throughout the 2010 campaign.  

   Well done to all of these teams from West Side Alliance SC on a great weekend and for representing "The Side" with class and character!  And good luck to the 95 girls, 97 boys red, and 99 girls red next weekend in the semifinal and final stages!


WSA 97 Boys Red reached the finals losing 2-1 to OFC.  The WSA 99 girls Red team lost in the semifinals by a goal to Hurricane after playing an outstanding match!  The WSA 95 girls lost to Ponca City in the semifinal stage of the tournament.