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First Season Champions!

 WSA 00 GIRLS u11 LEAGUE CHAMPIONS FIRST SEASON! Click here to read more...


  The WSA 00 Girls have completed an auspicious inaugural season.  The squad which has enjoyed some recent tournament success, completed a 10 week league campaign in the top spot of a tough division of teams.  The team finished with 6 wins and 1 loss, for 18 points in the standings, one point clear of Claremore Freedom.  

  The team was required to go to the "wire" to claim the championship prize, and came through in strong fashion on the final weekend of league play be defeating TSC 00 girls 3-2 for the championship on their final match of the season.  

  Coach Alex McLaurin could not be more proud of his girls, "The biggest key to success in our season and as a team is the fact that the girls are accepting of their roles.  It’s amazing to see the sacrifice they are willing to give for the team at such a young age."  

  The team embraced a famous West Side club concept, sound defending and work ethic, and it showed as they were awarded with five "clean sheets" on the season (shutouts).  Team defending, and working for each other were all keys to a successful defensive performance, which included every player, including the attackers.  "They play great collective team defense. They just will never quit and battle until the end. Each giving 100% effort for the team."

   The WSA 00 girls have earned a few trophies early on in their season but they have become most famous in 2010 for winning the WSA Talent Show at the popular WSA Team Building Camp.  The team performed "Alex’s Girls" to a rousing ovation (you can catch a glimpse of that video on the "WSA TV" section of this website on the "2010 Summer Video").  

   Coach Alex says there was not a "key" or critical moment of the season in league play, but points to the Team Building Camp before the season.  "I would say the team building camp was an incredible experience for all of us. Getting to see the girls outside of soccer and just seeing them interact with each other and me with no pressure.  Just having fun and getting to know things about each other." 

  Great team chemistry, great work ethic, sound defending, and a belief in each other. A formidable recipe for success! 

  Congratulations WSA 00 Girls for winning a league championship in your first season of competitive soccer, but more importantly for demonstrating the hallmarks of team, and representing the virtues of sport.