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WSA 99 Girls Win League Trophy

WSA 99 Finishes 3rd in 12-team league Race 8-win season!

 WSA 99 Girls wrapped up the Fall Season 3rd place among 12 contenders in the GCSA "A" League. Click here to read more... 

 WSA 99 GIRLS 3rd Place in GCSA "A" League


    The WSA 99 girls led by coaches Randy Williams and Stephen Sutton wrapped their Fall u12 season as the third best team in the GCSA "A" Division, and narrowly missed the chance to finish as the league runner-up.  

    WSA 99 completed the 12 game season with 8 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses, with a positive 24 goal differential.  The team gained 25 points in the league finishing behind TSC 99 (33 points) and FC Bartlesville 99 (28 points), but ahead of 9 other clubs in the process. The needed a win on the road at Bartlesville on the last game of the season to finish as runner-up but wound up in a 0-0 draw.  The team proved they are a legitimate contender by playing TSC 99 girls, league champions, to a tough 3-1 loss. 

   Coach Williams points out the team’s work ethic and commitment as key factors to the team’s success stating, "The girls worked hard all season.  They showed a lot of determination to be successful this season."

   WSA 99 relied on a hard working approach to defending which accounted for 6 shutouts on the season.  Discipline and hustle were credited to much of the team’s success during the Fall. 

   Last season the team ended the Spring with a semifinal appearance in the State Director’s Cup where the upstart and underdog squad almost surprised the entire tournament by reaching the championship game.  It turns out that performance was just a foreshadowing for the 2010 season.  

   Many of the team’s players recall the team’s beginnings as a u10 academy group under the guidance of coach Wes Branstetter and Greg Hamilton.  The squad had some humble beginnings and club leaders point to the collective determination of the parent group and the great hearts of the players for the team’s continued improvement over the past two years.  

  The team will take a short winter break, with some of the team members playing in the West Side Futsal league for offseason training, before getting ready for the Spring league season.

   Congratulations Coach Williams and Coach Sutton and WSA 99 girls for completing a successful season and brining home a trophy in the competitive "A" division!