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July 2007

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July 2007
WSA Boys Teams Surprise At Regionals; WSA 88 and WSA 92
Indianapolis and Oklahoma City --
The WSA 88 boys teams was the first club representative at USYSA regionals for West Side Alliance S.C. and they did not disappoint.  The 2007 Oklahoma State Champions opened their first match against Florida.  The team gave away an own goal, and a goal early in the 2nd half to Florida, who would go on to win the group advancing to Tuesday's regional semifinal (final 16 in the nation).  WSA, however, produced threats of their own, and when the game was suspended 25 minutes from time due to weather the team still looked like it had a chance to contend.  The game was called due to weather, however, and the score stood 2-0.

The next day the WSA 88 boys managed a victory that was only characterized as "HUGE" by the WSA coaching staff.  The team defeated the nationally renowned CASL club from North Carolina. CASL 88 entered the tournament as a favorite to reach the final.  WSA drew a goal 16 minutes in and defended the remainder of the match to hold on to the 1-0 advantage.  Then on Sunday the team faced Tennessee, a team that had reached the regional final the past two years, and was ranked 17th in the nation.  WSA took a 2-0 commanding lead, and with a 3-goal margin the requirement for advancing the team continued to press forward.  Tennessee would draw two goals back in the final 5 minutes as WSA continued to run with three forwards trying to get the magical 3-goal margin to reach that would have put them in the Regional Semifinals.
Across the country the WSA 92 boys were competing in the US Club Soccer Regionals, and were busy handing Windy City Fire, a top Illinois club, a 1-0 defeat to put them atop their Regional group.  The 92 boys have a match Sunday at 4:00 p.m. which will help decide their fate for the Regional tournament.  Stay posted as we continue to monitor and update results for the 92 boys.

Congratulations WSA 88 boys on an excellent national tournament run!
And good luck WSA 92 boys!
More Impressive Regional Results; 92 Boys Regional Finalist at USCS
Indianapolis --  The WSA 92 boys drew with Tsunami of Minnesota this afternoon (Monday, July 2nd) on 2nd half Juan Peralta goal that tied the match 1-1.  Tsunami had taken the lead on a penalty in the 1st half.  The draw lifted WSA 92 boys to 7 points in group play and with their two previous wins the team has advanced to the US Club Soccer Regional Championship match set for Tuesday, at 10:00 a.m.
The team defeated Chicago Fire on Saturday, Cedar Rapids Iowa on Sunday, and the latest result may be the most impressive yet against Minnesota's state finalist.   On Sunday WSA fell behind 2-0 and then dug deep in the 2nd half after losing Matthew Tyler Campbell to a red card and playing with ten men to pull two goals back to draw the game even, and then Peralta nabbed the game winner again in dramatic fashion!

Congratulations and good luck WSA 92 boys in the Regional Finals on Tuesday!
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