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40 Athletes Tested In On Jan 16th - Who's Better is Better?


Jan 16th Testing completed by over 40 athletes and scores are now online by ID #.  2010 CHAMPIONS: Abbie Woods (95 girls) Sparq Rating 67.8 and Will Hargus (93 boys) Sparq rating 69.8. Test-in. Evaluate. Your decision what to do next!

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      The NIKE Sparq Physical Combine event was held Jan 16th at First Baptist Church in downtown Tulsa.  Special THANK YOU to FIRST BAPTIST and TRENT HAMILTON for providing the facilities for the all day event!  The event drew over 40 WSA players.  And following the grueling testing process Abbie Woods of the WSA 95 girls and Will Hargus of the 93 boys, both were named Champions for their Sparq Rating scores.  Last year’s champions, Lauren Rogers (93 girls) and Sammie Doeninck may return this Spring to defend their 2009 crown.  

    The day included a battery of standardized tests including laser testing in the 40 yd, 20 yd, and L-test, Cooper’s Test, standardized Beep Test, vertical leap test, strength test, inner core test, and others.  The tests simulate an athlete’s preseason conditioning tests for college soccer, and provide a benchmark for fitness standards. 

     Courtney Fielden, WSA 93 girls, reported she had "some areas to work on".  The idea of the testing is to provide feedback for athletes serious about training and serious about improving.  Once athletes have tested the objective is to respond by training to maintain areas of strength and improve areas of weakness.  

     College coach Anson Dorrance, University of North Carolina, reports that he is looking for the "balanced" athlete.  An athlete who is strong in all areas, but not to the point of compromising one area for another.  The scoring ruboric provided attempts to account for what is required to be a balanced athlete at the collegiate level, both strong and powerful, aerobically fit and flexible, and dynamically quick and fast.  

     There is another test-in session planned for later this Spring.  Athletes, especially those with college playing ambitions, are encouraged to attend.  While the scoring is standardized for college freshman level, "any athlete" can partake in the testing.  In fact, Zach Williams, of the 00 boys u10 team, turned out the top Cooper’s Test Score of the event.  Coaches expect the scoring to improve in a few areas once the test is moved to outdoors due to surface traction issues on a gym floor.  

     Are ready to find if your "better is better than our better"?  Consider the test-in session in Spring.  Consider training in the meantime.  Please visit our the "training resources" page on this website to learn more about the NIKE SPARQ testing.  And thanks to all those athletes who had the courage to take on the testing challenge, and the ambition to respond by training harder!