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Chronicle of Riley's Journey

Riley Dunham, WSA 01 Boys Red, returns home from Costa Rica after representing the United States Region III Olympic Development team.  Click here to read a chronicle of the journey....

WSA 01 Boys Red Goalkeeper Travels Abroad
           Riley Dunham, goalkeeper for the WSA 01 Boys Red team, recently returned back to the United States after a trip to Costa Rica with the United States Region III Olympic Development team.   Riley, who aspires to play in college one day, ideally at Notre Dame, has helped lead the WSA 01 Boys Red team atop the Oklahoma Premiere League standings, helping the squad qualify for regional league play next season.  Meanwhile Riley is also tending nets for the US ODP U16 boys team.  
          As promised WSASOCCER.ORG provides a chronicle with    a few photos of Riley's trip.  Congratulations Riley on the selection  to the team, and thank you for always representing The Side with such class and pride.  The Side is honored as Riley expands his ambassadorship for the club, the state of Oklahoma, and the United States.  

Favorite Movie:  Red Tails 

Favorite Food: Pasta 

Favorite Club Team: Arsenal (obviously) and NY Red Bulls (U.S.) 

Favorite Soccer Player: Tim Howard 

Hero/Role Model: My Parents 

Favorite Song: I Believe by KB 
How did you get involved in the Olympic Development Program?    A friend told mom about the program and she enrolled me the first year.    

How many years have you been involved?        I started with ODP in August 2013. 

How has ODP helped you grow if at all?  It introduced me to new coaches and players at a higher level and given me more experience in the game of soccer.    It has helped me mature and learn about new cultures-both in the US and other countries.  I have met new friends from all over the US. 
What is uniquely different about playing and training in a national team setting vs a club or high school setting?    Training in a national team setting focuses more on team shape and team cohesion more than individual ability.  I feel at the national team setting the players already have the technical and physical ability so we work on psychological and tactical fields of the game only. 
DAY 1 ACTIVITIES: Flew in to Costa Rica - Training in the afternoon (consisting of learning the other players names and work on posture on the field-or body position in relation to the ball) - Orientation at dinner with Costa Rica Soccer Tours (they told us about the country and people and schedule for the following week) - Team meeting in which we stated our names, where we were from, and something unique about us.  The coaches told us if we gained trust between each other and we would have a successful week.
DAY 2 ACTIVITIES: Training session in the morning (team shape and worked on the 10 principles of position soccer) - Lunch - Evening training (worked on set pieces-attacking and defending) - Cultural night dinner hosted Costa Rica Soccer (had local food, met the local teams we would be playing, and had a presentation of traditional and modern Costa Rica dances)
DAY 3 ACTIVITIES: Training session in the morning (attacking and finishing drill). Game 1 against Heredia at 1:30p at Heredia Stadium. Lost 4-2.  The wind was a major issue but was a good game in all. 
DAY 4 ACTIVITIES: Went to the local Flea Market in the morning (we were told to buy something for our Mums by Coach Doug).  Game 2 against Alajuela at 2pm at Alajuela Stadium.  Lost 1-0.  Wind was not as violent that day and we had lots of chances to score.  After the game we went to the City Mall and got to shop, had dinner then went back to Alajuela Stadium to watch Alajuela vs. Heredia pro teams.  Alajuela won 2-1.  Very fast paced game with lots of short passes out of the back.
DAY 5 ACTIVITIES: Today we traveled by bus to Punta Leona Beach for the morning hours, had lunch at the Punta Leona Resort, then went to Blanca Beach for the afternoon.  While traveling to the beach we say lots of crocodiles on the Torcoles River, at the beach we say white faced monkeys and scarlet macaws in the wild.  We played beach soccer and swam in the Pacific Ocean. 
DAY 6 ACTIVITIES:  City tour of San Jose was today - We saw the National Theatre, National Museum, and National Post Office which were very ornate buildings because they were built during European rule.  Game 3 against Saprissa at 2pm at Rohrmoser Stadium.

Region III won 4-2.  Great composure in front of goal, they got in behind us a couple of times because our line was too high. 


Day 7 ACTIVITIES:  Today we went to a local shelter/school for kids who live in extreme poverty. 
One of the boys that attached to me was Ramon - I would guess he is 3 years old. We played outside on the playground with them during the morning.  This experience is truly humbling and eye opening for the whole team.  Game 4 against Cartago at 2pm at Cartago Stadium.  Cartago won 5-1.  We were exhausted with heavy legs and Cartago was definitely the best team that day.