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March 16-19


COVID-19 UPDATE MARCH 13, 2020: 


The 2020 Spring Break Camp Experience has been canceled as a precautionary measure for the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  

We were looking forward to hosting approximately 100 kids, and all of our camp partners.  

We did make an effort to host this camp, following closely the outbreak incidence rates in Tulsa County and relative threat to our planned activities.  We did not determine there to be a strong threat of disease transmission.  However, the unknowns related to disease and novel disease spread are reason enough to err strongly on the side of caution in this stage of research and learning.  Furthermore, we understand that several national authorities are recommending cancelations of gatherings that cause people to transport even short distances.  We want to abide by that authority. 

Our responsibility in this case is first to the safety of the kids, and also to our role in a bigger national picture.  Our compliance helps afford easier compliance by others.  We understand this is signifcant.

We are sorry for this inconvenience.

We will refund your camp payment in entirety and will begin executing those refunds immediately. 

We hope you'll consider a future SIDE FC 92 Soccer Synergy Camp to help support Tulsa's newest addition to the professional soccer arena.  

Have a great Spring Break.  Stay Safe.

And please let me know if you have any questions.

Roger Bush

Soccer Synergy Camps Director 


TULSA - Side FC 92 semiprofessional team will be participating with several of Tulsa soccer community partners to host a Spring Break Camp "Experience" during Spring Break.

The camp is open to boys and girls players (including newcomers) ages 5-15.  The camp will be held on campus at Oral Roberts University, from 6-8 PM each night (5:30 PM drop-off).  

The cost of the camp is $100/camper/week. When registering you may choose a payment plan with a deposit of $25 required at time of registering, and then choose installment plans, or pay at once for $90 (during early bird special - limited time).  

Players who register by February 20th, will receive a FREE SIDE FC 92 TRAINING TOP.



Spring Camp Experience Partners: 



Side FC 92 staff and players will be in attendance to run soccer sessions.  The Sports Amory will be on hand to teach both "speed" and "agility" sessions.  Total 90 Futbol Academy and Soccer Synergy staff will also be on hand to implement methodology from both wholistic training programs.   Dashr Laser Timing systems will be used to allow players to test their speed with official timing systems (9th graders and older are not eligible for this testing per NCAA rules).  And FC Tulsa's professional team will make a guest appearance on Thursday to do a demo and interact with campers.  ORU men's and women's players offer soccer instruction.  The Summit League Men's Coach of the Year, Ryan Bush, men's coach for ORU, will also be on hand.  

The camp experience will be unique in it's offerings to players, in terms of experience and instruction.