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2015 RULES

West Side Alliance S.C.



Tournament Dates

Team check-in Saturday prior to first game.

Matches will be played in TWO DAYS, Saturday, Feb 7, Sunday, Feb 8

APPLICATION DEADLINE: January 22nd, 2014
Schedule requests for traveling teams based on transportation (arrival and departure flights) will be considered.

Location of Tournament

The Polar Bear Tournament & Showcase is hosted by the West Side Alliance Soccer Club. 


SITE CHANGE: The Polar Bear Tournament will be played  Rivercity Parks Soccer Complex, 100 S Rivercity Parks Rd, Sand Springs, OK 74063.


The all-bermuda grass facility contains 4 full-sized lighted fields, 6 other full-sized fields, and several small-sided fields.  West Bank Sports Complex contains a centrally located concession stand, clubhouse, restrooms, scoreboard area, scenic biking and jogging trail which transverses the entire RiverParks, and conveniently located parking, Possession or use of alcohol or illegal drugs, or possession of firearms, is prohibited. Pets are prohibited anywhere on the soccer complex.


Purpose of Tournament


The purpose of the Polar Bear Tournament shall be to help teams find an offseason event to bridge the gap between Fall and Spring, and to help expose high school aged players to college scouts. 


Tournament Format


Each age group/division will consist of a pool of four teams who will compete in roundrobin play – each team playing the other for a total of 3 matches. 

In the “Tournament” divisions (u9 thru u14) teams will “advance” to trophy round play.  In the “Showcase” divisions, the 3 “showcase” matches will be the extent of play.

Roster sizes have been extended to allow 16 players per 8-a-side team, and 22 players per 11-a-side team, with “unlimited guest players”.


In the “Tournament” divisions, u9 thru u14, finalist medals will be presented to all “finalist” teams.

In the “Showcase” divisions, u15 thru u19, no trophies or medals will be presented.

Teams accumulating the most points in their group will be recognized on the WSA website at and scores and standings will be reported to, OSA, USCS, and GOTSPORT, in the tournament committee’s “post tournament report”.


3 points for a victory

1 point for a draw

0 points for a loss

(A forfeit game will be scored as a 0-2 loss to the team that forfeited, a forfeited game in a group may require all games vs the "forfeited" team to be awarded as forfeit victories to the opponent if the tournament committee rules that this is necessary to maintain competition standards) 

Group winners will be teams accumulating the greatest number of points (cross-over games will only be calculated into group standings if teams are otherwise tied and tiebreakers A and B do not determine a distinction between the teams, if after including cross-over games teams are still tied in points then the application of A-F tiebreaker procedures will be applied). 

If two or more teams are tied in points after preliminary round games are complete, the following tiebreaking procedures will be used to determine championship recognition and final placement in divisions: 

A. Head to head competition.
B. Goal Differential (maximum per cross-over game is +3; unlimtied in "non-cross-over games")
C. Most Goals Scored (no limit per game)
D. Fewest Goals Allowed (no limit per game) 
E. Fewest accumulation of red cards/ejections
F. Penalty Kicks, round of 5, then sudden victory rounds if needed 


A list of area hotels and a host hotel will be provided (see



One center official will be assigned per game and club assistant referees will be utilized (this method is applied to keep the tournament entry fee reasonable).

If teams have one or more referees who are interested in working when their team is not playing, or any other referees interested in working, please provide their name(s) and phone number(s) with the team application.

Tournament Hotline

A hot-line number will be used for tournament information, changes and messages. This number will be posted on the tournament webpage.


Standards of Conduct

All participants in the tournament are expected to maintain high standards of conduct during their participation in the Polar Bear Tournament. Failure to do so may result in punitive action, depending upon circumstances, which may range from a warning, to a reduction in points in the current standings, or banning that team or all teams in its club from future participation in the tournament. The Tournament Director has sole discretion in this matter.

Team Criteria

Boys & Girls: u7, u8, u9, u10, u11, u12, u13, u14, u15, u16, u17, u18 & u19. The age groups for this tournament shall be in accordance with the US Club (and US Youth) age groups for the current seasonal year.


Types of Teams

Open to league, club or association teams and tournament teams.  A tournament team is a regular league team whose tournament roster may include “guest players”. Maximum game roster size is 16 players in the under-7 thru under-11 divisions, including guest players; and 22 players in under-12 through under-19 age divisions, including guest players.

Out of state teams must provide a travel permit from their home organization unless they are US Club Registered.

Teams wishing to participate in the tournament are required to provide each player’s proof of registration and insurance. Teams which cannot provide such proof are required to
purchase the US Club Soccer event insurance.

All players, coaches and guests must abide by US Club Soccer policies, rules, and regulations, and are subject to their disciplinary actions.



Each team player and coach must be registered with a US Soccer Federation (USSF) youth affiliate and have current player identification (player pass) available for inspection by officials before each game OR provide proof of registration.


To be considered, a team must submit a completed application form, then-current approved team roster (or temporary roster) and appropriate registration fee prior to the registration deadline. A check or money order, listing team name and age division for each team’s entry fee, tournament application and the team’s then-current approved team roster (or temporary roster) must be postmarked no later than January 23rd, 2015.


Applications also may be hand delivered prior to the deadline. The date the application is received will be considered in acceptance to the tournament.  Teams may “email” their applications – but receipt of check or money order will validate the application.


If a team is accepted to the tournament and fails to attend, its entry fee is forfeited (portions may be refunded if a replacement team is found). Checks or money orders must be made payable to WSA Soccer and mailed with the completed application and then-current approved roster (or temporary roster) to:



5214 Greenan Drive

Sand Springs, OK 74063

Team Selection Criteria.

A selection committee will determine the teams that receive invitations. Factors that

may be considered for selection: application date, relative strength based on win/loss records, difficulty of schedules, strength of opponents, and rankings. The committee may weigh other factors such as: teams traveling from out of state, other tournament results, ODP players on a team, etc. Accepted teams will be posted at as soon as possible.

Inclement Weather

Field and weather conditions will be updated on the club hotline, 918-858-3972, ext. 50.

In the event that the tournament has to be cancelled in whole or in part, the WSA Soccer Club and Polar Bear Tournament will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by any team. Every measure will be taken to refund a portion of the entry fee after out-of-pocket expenses are deducted. 

Weather Guarantee – 50% REFUND

The Polar Bear guarantees a minimal refund of 50% of the team entry fee.  Efforts will be made to accommodate additional refunds pending expenses incurred by preliminary event hosting, set-up, and contracts. 

Team Pairings

The Tournament Committee will seed teams according to team strength based on information received on the tournament application. The committee will make every effort to provide as wide a variety of opponents as possible for each team participating in the tournament.

In the event there exists an insufficient number of teams to create a “pure age” division, age groups may be combined, e.g., u7 and u8, u9 and u10, u11 and u12; u13 & u14; u15& u16; and u17, u18 & u19.  Tournament committee will inform teams if combining age divisions is necessary.


Match Scheduling.

Each team will play a minimum of three (3) matches. The three matches will be round-

robin play within each group whenever possible. Crossover matches may be necessary if a group contains fewer than four teams. Finals will NOT be played.  Showcase divisions will only play 3 round-robin/pool matches, with no “trophy round” matches scheduled.

Schedules will be posted a week prior on the Polar Bear Showcase section at

Team Check-in and Credentials

1. All teams must have their then-current Approved Game Roster OR Temporary Roster, Travel Form, and Notarized Medical Release Forms approved by the Tournament Committee at the team check-in. Player ID cards will be checked if they are available – if not PROOF of REGISTRATION for each PLAYER MUST BE VERIFIED BY THE TEAM’S COACH and/or MANAGER.

Team check-in will be SATURDAY, FEB 7th, on site at RIVERCITY PARKS SOCCER COMPLEX.

2. A then-current approved game roster must be submitted to the Tournament Director prior to the start of the tournament.

3. Game check-in will be done at the field by referees or field marshals.

4. A player will not be allowed to participate without proper credentials approved by the Tournament Committee.

Rules of Play


The Rules of play of the WSA Roundrobin will be the “Laws of the Game” as published by FIFA, with those modifications stated herein.


All teams and tournament participants must abide by US Club Soccer’s policies, rules, and regulations, and are subject to their disciplinary actions.



Uniforms and Equipment

1. All members of the same team must wear jerseys of the same color (except the goalkeeper who will wear a different and distinguishable color from either team and the Field Referee). All “showcase” teams must have jersey numbers clearly visible and prominently located for college coach scouts.

2. The home team is responsible for using an alternate color of jersey, if necessary. The home team is listed first on the pairings in the schedule.


3. Shin guards are required for all players.

4. Goalkeepers are allowed to wear headgear.

5. Socks are to cover shin guards. Jerseys are to be tucked in.


6. No player shall wear anything which is dangerous to themselves or other players, including but not limited to casts, splints, stitches, rings, earrings, watches, necklaces, etc.


At the discretion of the Tournament Director and match referee, casts may be allowed. To be considered, casts must be completely covered with at least two (2) inches of foam padding and totally wrapped with an elastic bandage and approved by the match referee of each game. Any player playing with a cast must have a written release from a doctor.

7. For player equipment, refer to FIFA “Laws of the Game”, Law IV for its entirety.

8. In the interest of safety, any player sustaining an open wound MUST be removed from the field of play immediately. The player may be substituted at this time. Such players are not allowed to return to the field until any wounds are treated, bandaged, and all blood is removed from their uniforms.

9. Each team shall provide the referee with a suitable match ball.


Duration of Matches, Ball Size, Number of Players, and Maximum Game Roster Size

u9, u10 & u11 

25 minute halves (2)          5 minute halftime          Ball Size 4
Format: 8v8 *** w/ offsides
Max Roster Size: 16




25 minute halves (2)         5 minute halftime          Ball Size 4
Format: 11v11
Max Roster Size: 22


u13, u14

30 minute halves (2)         5 minute halftime          Ball Size 5
Format: 11v11
Max Roster Size: 22


u15, u16, u17, u18, u19 * Showcase Divisions

40 minute halves (2)      5 minute halftime      Ball Size 5
Format: 11v11

Max Roster Size: 22  ** unlimited guest players



Unfinished Games


If the referee terminates a game and neither team is at fault, it shall be considered a
completed game. 



Clock Stoppage.


Due to the time allowed for the completion of all games, the clock will run continuously.
The game clock will not be stopped because of injury to any player unless, at the discretion of the referee, the injured player must be removed from the field by medical personnel.



Inclement Weather/Field Conditions


In the event of inclement weather, the Tournament Director reserves the right to modify all tournament rules in order to safely and fairly end the tournament successfully. Games may be shortened or eliminated in case of inclement weather or unplayable field conditions. Coaches are asked to be patient and remain flexible – changing the tournament format is a major undertaking.

The Tournament Director has the authority to temporarily suspend play due to unsafe weather conditions.

Teams should remain (safely in cars or under shelter) in the vicinity for game resumption. If lightning is sighted, the Tournament Director will immediately suspend play and clear the fields. Play will resume after 15 consecutive minutes of no lightning.

WSA weather hotline at 918 858 3972 EXT 50 will include weather postings.


1. A forfeit will be declared if a team is not ready to play with a minimum of seven (7) rostered players within 5 minutes of the published game.  It is recommended in the spirit of this event that if a team is short players at start time that teams offer subs to the shorthanded team so that the match may proceed. 

2. Any team that quits the field of play before the conclusion of the game will forfeit the game and is subject to disqualification in the tournament at the discretion of the Tournament Director.
3. A game may be declared a forfeit by the Tournament Director if an ineligible player participates in a game.  Any protest of an ineligible player must be reported in a written statement, accompanied by a $50 protest fee, within 30 minutes of conclusion of the game to tournament headquarters.





Substitutions shall be unlimited and open (at referee’s discretion on any stoppage)


Substitutions may occur with the consent of the referee at any stoppage


If the team in possession substitutes on their throw-in the opposing team may also substitute. 


U7, U8, U9, U10, U11 Rule Clarifications:

1. The u7, u8, u9, u10, u11 divisions will play 8-a-side with a maximum roster size of sixteen (16) players, including guest players.

2. Age-appropriate fields will be used.

3. A match is played by two teams, each consisting of not more than eight players, one of whom is the goalkeeper. A match may not start if either team consists of fewer than seven players. Substitutions are unlimited and, with referee consent, may occur at any stoppage.

4. Offside will be called.

5. Penalty and direct kicks will be awarded.


6. Roster sizes may be modified to enhance participation (i.e. a team may appeal to allow 17 eligible players, etc). 



Player and/or Team Official Suspensions

1. While the focus of the tournament is friendly competition, player development, and showcasing, a player or team official may be ejected for the game at the discretion of the referee if such action is deemed serious enough. 


SHOWCASE EXCEPTION: Substitution will be permitted for an ejected player in the “Showcase” division so that teams may always remain full-sided. This is in adhering to the tournaments focus: EXPOSURE, EVALUATION, PROMOTION OF THE STUDENT-ATHLETE.


The Tournament Director may, at his or her discretion, increase the suspension, especially in cases of ejections for fighting, assault, or violent play.

2. Verbal abuse of referees, players, coaches or spectators is not tolerated.


1. All divisions will use an assigned Center official and assigned AR’s.  In the event of exceptional circumstances, such as referee injury, or shortage of referee pool, club AR’s may be assigned, or format may revised to two-man or one-man systems (this is rare and should be only an exception).

2. All referee decisions are FINAL.
4. At the conclusion of the match, the Field Referee will complete the scorecard in detail, and turn it in at the Tournament Headquarters, within thirty (30) minutes of completion of the match. The Tournament Committee will maintain and up-to-date list of all ejections during the tournament.


1. All referee decisions are FINAL.
3. The Tournament Director is empowered to make all decisions regarding competition during the tournament.
4. The decision of the Tournament Director is FINAL in all matters. No appeals will be allowed beyond that point.


Tournament Committee

Any questions should be directed to the Tournament Director, or during the tournament, to one of the Tournament Committee members, who can be accessed through field marshals.


Matters Not Provided For

The Tournament Director shall determine any matter not provided for in the tournament rules. In addition, the Tournament Director may amend the tournament rules when, in his or her judgment, the amendment will be beneficial to the conduct of the tournament. The decision of the Tournament Director shall be final.

Contact the Tournament Director at or leave a voice message

at 918.629 4476.

Application deadline is JANUARY 23rd 2015. The date the application is received will be considered in acceptance to the tournament.