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Evaluation of Standings & Recompense for canceled Game


Thanks for your patience.  We first and foremost apologize for an inability to complete the 2017 WSA Cup.  

Below is a quick summation of the sequence of events and background to help you understand the "why" behind the cancelation: 

On Saturday evening we believed fully that with our normal field drainage and a normal night's worth of rainfall we would be able to continue games on Sunday as normal, albeit in the "mud".  Approximately 10 days out from WSA Cup, when the first indication of possible rain during the weekend of WSA Cup was forecasted, we moved all WSA teams off all grounds at Rivercity Parks and West Bank Sports Complex where they normally train to proactively allow ourselves the best possible positition to attack any field issues related to rainfall.  We were prepared to sacrifice the grounds for the sake of continuing the event.  Saturday night rain was continuous and as early as 630 am Sunday morning it was evident that some fields would be "unplayable".  Quite simply, it rained more than predicted.  Fields were not deemed "unplayable" because of potential field damage, but because of safety and integrity of the game (standing water was going to prevent the ball from moving and some players and referees may have been in harm's way).  We evaluated fields on the following criteria:

 A. Playable (safe and integrous match conditions) 
 B. Will be damaged but playable (integrity of game compromised, still safe)
 C. Non-Playable Until at least Noon (safety & integrity compromised and might be solved by 12 pm w/ no more rain)
 D. Non-Playable indefinitely - all day (safety & integrity severely compromised, no reason to believe will resolve in one day of drainage)

At Rivercity the following evaluation was reported:  Non Playable Indefintiely:  #10S, #10N, #4, #1S, #1N, #2, #3, #5.  Non playable until noon: #8.  Playable but will be damaged:  #6, #9.  Playable: #7.  This meant that 8 fields at Rivercity Parks were out of use and the only solution would be to move games to West Bank.  The process began.  West Bank was evaluated placing fields in the same categories w/ the following results: Non Playable Indefinitiely: #10W, #11.  Non Playable Until at least Noon: #12, #7, #10E.  Playable but would be damaged: #4, #5, #6, #3, #2.  

Our tournament structure had designed a "reschedule contingency" plan for this sitaution.  We began the reschedule process at 6:45 a.m.  We began mobilizing a work force to try to remove water from non playable surfaces at West Bank to create more playable surfaces.  We endeavored to build 3 new fields at West Bank by moving goals, and either using cones or paint to put in new boundaries.  We alerted teams at approx 7 am to not head to the faciltiy as we would need one hour to put the plan in place and communicate it.  

The momentum was thwarted when the parking attendants reported that the non-paved parking lots at Rivercity and West Bank were also non-usable. This would mean no parking for teams who would be coming from Rivercity to West Bank.  It would require parking to be over one mile's walk from the facility.  And when the weather forecast showed continuing and ongoing rainfall and worsening conditions, and when the rain began again during the morning, we decided the best executed plan on our part would be one that would avoid the scramble of a reschedule, shortened games, poor parking, and mobilizing event staff that may not be able to withstand and serve the volume of people condensed to one place.  In short we firmly believed we were diminishing the soccer experience by attempting to allow teams to play an addiitonal 30-40 minutes of soccer.  

Given the above we are very cognizant that some teams were in position to win their first trophy, gain ranking points, or possibly play their first winnable game of the tournament on Sunday morning.  Our event showcases the Proving Ground Awards stage, and we believe this is an important PURPOSE of our event - helping kids feel special, celebrated, valued.  We also knew that we'd be giving up potential revenue from a second day of event sales.  And we knew several volunteers, referees, administrators, coaches, and most importantly families had booked this weekend, otherwise making personal sacrifices, for a tournament "experience".   In spite of several factors suggesting we could "push on", reason told us the right decision for your team's sake was to cancel.  

It did continue to rain on Sunday after the cancelation and conditions did deterioriate at our grounds.  We continued to keep our facilities closed Monday, Tuesday and even Wednesday of this past week after the event due to field conditions.  We feel no more content with the idea that we could not continue the event.  We are sorry that the tournament experience was not what you had hoped for.   It was our first mid-tournament cancelation since we began hosting events in 1995, and only the third time we did not complete every game in over 60 events hosted by WSA.

REFUND POLICY - below is our inclement weather and refund policy - taken directly from our rules, which we will be applying w/ our board's consent. 

Inclement Weather/Refund Guarantee

Field and weather conditions will be updated on the club hotline, 918-858-3972, ext. 50.

In the event that the tournament has to be cancelled in whole or in part, the WSA Cup will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by any team. Every measure will be taken to refund
a portion of the entry fee after out-of-pocket expenses are deducted. 


All participating, FULLY PAID, teams in the 2017 WSA Cup will receive up to $100 voucher discounts for future events as follows:

$75 voucher applicable to the 2017 Midwest Labor Day Invitational (not available with other vouchers) 
$50 voucher to 2017 Claremore Invitational Tournament U5-U12 Academy & Rec Tourney - link
$25 voucher to 2017 WSA Roundrobin of Friendlies - link 
$25 voucher to 2018 WSA Cup Tournament - link
(** add $50 voucher for traveling teams from over 100 miles **) 

** Due to lost revenue from the second day cancelation, and a large volume of start up capital required to host, and expenses for Sunday hosting that are "sunk" costs, we are unable to offer and afford "cash refund" for this event.  **

** voucher does not apply to any teams who did not pay the full entry fee.  Due to the myriad of special circumstances please feel free to reach out to Roger Bush, Tournament Director, for any clarity on this, or in any case where you believe your team should qualify for a voucher **


We are still waiting to hear from GOTSOCCER on the proper way to advance teams to finalist positions and the proper procedure and protocol to apply in doing so.  We'd like to maintain the integrity of the GOTSOCCER Rankings by making a univeral standard (if one exists) applicable.  We have not heard back from GOTSOCCER yet.  

We evaluated the standings based on the following:

1. Clear-Cut Finalist - two teams had played common opponents, and had earned enough points in 2 games to not be overtaken by the 3rd game results.  

2.  Suggested Finalist - enough data suggests these teams won their group, or would have won their group and advanced to a "final" through no semifinal stage. 

3. Cannot Determine - enough data suggests that more than two teams could have still advanced as finalist upon including the next round of games.  This includes 5 team groups, and also groups with more than 2 brackets in which a semifinal would be necessary to narrow down the prospective finalist from 4 teams to 2 teams.   * In some of these groups if allowed we may apply looser standards (i.e. 5-team groups may be reevaulated using standards to determine finalist when teams do not share common opponents).  

National Ranking Points:  The National Ranking points will be determined once confirmation is received from GOTSOCCER on how to advance the teams.  If no confirmation is received by Wednesday next week we will begin manually advancing the teams. 

Cannot Determine: Unless otherwise advised by GOTSOCCER the "cannot determine" groups will be counted as a "non-played" event. 

Event Public Standings:  The event public standings will change BY Wednesday, hopefully sooner, to reflect the standings evaluation below.  

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