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1. Will my team be able to stay together?  

Yes.  The club will not mandate or dictate that teams fragment.  The club will offer recommendations that will vary from team to team, player to player.  For some, the social structure of the team may be the most important goal, for others college placement, for others competition level.  No team will be forced to fragement by WSA Soccer.

2. Will I still have my same coach? 

Much of this will be determined by which age in 2016-17 your coach and the club decide your coach will best fit.  In some cases coaches will follow teams, in other cases, teams may separate by age division, and the coach may coach in one or the other age division. 

3. When will know how my team will be impacted? 

We hope to publish to all club members by March a coach-team alignment plan for the 2016-17 year.  

4. How do I know what is the correct decision for my child? 

Your coach can help advise you.  Every club director is willing to answer questions.  Reference our staff page on this website for email addresses of all club directors.  The club plans to host several "combine" sessions over the winter months which will expose the players to the Directors of Coaching helping with assessments on player placement recommendations.

5. If I'm changing coaches or teams will I have a chance to meet my new coach and potential teammates? 

Yes.  The club plans to host several "combine" sessions with one of the express purposes to introduce potential new staff and teammates to each other.  This does NOT mean your team or coach will change, but it provides an opportunity to meet prospective new team members and staff.  

6.  What if I have questions about my team and the process? 

The club will be hosting a couple of open forum nights.  We encourage all parents and players to attend one of these sessions to gather information, ask questions, and learn more.  You can also utilize communication with any of the Directors of Coaching (use the staff page of this website for email contacts) and use your own team coach.  

7. I was born in '97 but played in the '98 division.  Am I eligible for my u19 season? 

We do not know yet.  This is an oversight we are afraid by US Youth Soccer.  We are asking. 

8. What are WSA's plans to deal with the "mixed graduation" years?  

First, our primary concern will be with the class of 2017, 2018, and 2019.  Many of these teams (99's, 00's, 01's) have been together some time. If the teams are separated by birth year, this means senior year some will be without a team.  We are working with the Region and State levels to resolve these issues from leaguing standpoints, state cup standpoints, etc...  Once WSA learns the accomodations that will or won't be in place for senior year players, the club will actively generate a plan to make sure no player is excluded from senior year participation.  

Second, in terms of college recruiting, our club has 8-10 college coaches and scouts on the WSA staff.  We will solve the new issue of players not participating in their "graduation years", which was once a clear indicator of recruiting timetables.  There are a myriad of options, but most clearly WSA will need to become even more active in advocating for our college bound athletes.