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Seminar, Combine, Showcases Help Promote the Prospective Student-Athlete

A myriad of college search events have sprinkled the offseason calendar thus far this year.  The College Combine, College Seminar, and recent College Showcase events highlight a winter offseason targeted at helping the prospective student-athlete at WSA.  Read more click here...


In recent weeks the WSA College Search Program has hosted several events to help the prospective student-athletes on their college search. "We target freshman thru seniors, and narrow the search with a focus for a specific action plan for each class," reports WSA Director of Coaching, Roger Bush.  

"We try to encourage kids to start with a broad list of schools, but then narrow their decision to make sure time spent is valuable, focused, and logical.  We want kids to target schoools that are practical and reasonable," WSA College Coordinator and Assistant Director of Coaching Ryan Bush reported at a recent seminar.  

The WSA College Search Program is a process that includes on field training, off field search assistance, and networking and resources that are needed in the entire process.  The WSA College Search booklet outlines the goals and objectives, and provides parents and players with a clear path to follow for "taking action".  

"You have to recruit yourself.  You have to take action. If one point can’t be hammered home enough it is that," reported Coach Derek Larkin, Rogers State University, and guest speaker at the WSA College Seminar night.  Coach Larkin also emphasized grades as extremely important for each player in the college search process.

On November 16th WSA hosted the annual College Combine, inviting in college programs from around the region to guest train our older junior and senior teams.  Austin College, Cowley College, Oral Roberts University, and Southwestern Kansas all attended and ran training sessions for the players.  Later in the evening the players particiapted in exhibtion matches in front of several of the scouts.  Guest players from Dallas’ Sting soccer Club attended, as well as local NEOFC and Sheffield teams.  Other colleges in attendance included Northern Oklahoma, NEO, Bacone, Friends University, NEOSHO, among others.  The event concluded with a player-coach mixer BBQ dinner hosted by WSA.  In PHOTO to the RIGHT several college coaches are seen at the dinner, with prospective student-athletes in tables in background.

Prior to the Novemmber 16th Combine, the club hosted it’s annual College Search Seminar (Phase I).  It was hosted on Election Tuesday, November 6th, and had a record turn-out of over 150 folks!  Players are seen lining up to sign in at the back of the room in the PHOTO to the LEFT.

"It demonstrates just how we have grown in that facet of programming" claimed Roger Bush, WSA DOC.  The seminar included a presentation of a 10-minute powerpoint on the "emphasis" of the college search process, as well as a 30 minute presentation by Ryan and Roger Bush, and then a 1 hour "question and answer" discussion with a college search panel made up of ORU All-Conference Players Lauren Parks and Whitney Booth, and college coaches, Derek Larkin, Rogers State University Men’s and Women’s programs, Ryan Bush, ORU Head Women’s Coach, and Roger Bush, ORU Women’s Assistant Coach.

Recently WSA teams have been accepted to such showcase events as the TSC Sam Shannon Showcase (already played) DeFeeters Thanksgiving Showcase (already played) and will be traveling on December 1-2 to the SportSource Showcase in Dallas.  Teams are also participating in cross-training sessions within the newly adapted "academy style" training, with plans to invite several college coaches in over the winter months to help run sessions -- and of course scout players.  

The entire "winter offseason" the club gives a lot of attention to the College Search process.  "It makes a lot of sense," explains Wes Branstetter, WSA Player I.D. Coordinator, and coach of WSA 97 Boys Red and WSA 00 Boys.  "The high school season cuts into the time you get to spend with the older club players, so winter offseason, during college recruiting season, is the prime time to focus on college search."

Recently WSA alumni have had the good fortune of several great college seasons.  The fruits of the labor are evident, and the tradition of excellence appears to be continuing into the forecasted future.  

Pictured below WSA prospective collegiate student-athletes sign in at the College Search Seminar front table. And thus begin the dream of playing at the "next level".