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WSA vs WSA Derbies

"The Best Rivalry In Sports"

When WSA teams square off against each other the term "friendly" has seldom applied.  Some of the most intense and rivaled matches pit WSA teams against each other.  The closeness of the relationships, often times teams that share a training pitch as close training partners, and the family tradition of the club manifests itself in a purely intense "war-like" affair.  On many occasions throughout history "brother vs brother" and "sister vs sister" matches have taken place.  The Side so loved the "derby" concept that it made an event of the occasion in 2007, the "WSA Community Shield" match day.  

The first dated WSA vs WSA derby match took place in 1993 when WSA 80 boys took an unbeaten mark of 9-0 against the WSA 79 boys, also 9-0.  The match will be highlighted among the many WSA vs WSA classics that have etched their place in the memory of West Siders for a long time.  Some matches that had no impact on the league standings or tournament finishes, and others that were played with top trophy on the line.  

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WSA 94 girls vs WSA 93 girls 2009 WSA Cup Match












WSA 94 girls vs WSA 93 girls at the 2009 WSA Cup finals went to penalties.



WSA 81 Girls vs WSA 82 Girls: It's tougher to get a more heated rivalry than one between two teams pitting three different sets of sisters against each other.  However, during the Fall 1996 season the WSA 81 girls and WSA 82 girls would square off.  The two teams stood unbeaten in league play and the "A" ("premiere") division match would decide a league champion.  The 82 girls were the more athletic side, and when Kyla Davis netted the go-ahead goal in the 2nd half, the 82's looked primed for what would be a highly celebrated victory over the "older siblings".  But it was Bridget Sontag knocking in a rebound from a Rachel Shibley bomb that led to an equally as excited celebration for the older siblings.  The match thankfully ended 1-1. The goals were part of the '98 WSA Highlight video.  

WSA 87 Boys vs WSA 88: Can a match involving a coaching dual between two brothers, and a coach coaching against his own team be outdone?  Probably, but only at the "West Side". When Josh Mac, WSA 88 boys coach, received a red card ejection in the game prior to the final little did WSA'ers know that the incident would turn the 2003 WSA Cup u16 Final into one for the ages. WSA 87 Boys Coach Roger Bush would take over the reigns for the 88's in the final (part of the duties of the DOC).  Left in charge of the 87's no other than the other Bush brother, Ryan Bush, the 87 boys assistant coach. With a fairly unique insight to understanding the 87 boys team, the 88's employed a defending technique that capitalized on some inherent weaknesses of the 87's.  The match went scoreless through 90 minutes, and the 88's captured the title in penalties as Coach Roger Bush defeated his own team, and younger brother Ryan, who was assistant in charge of the 87 boys.  The game was an awakening for the 87's who afterwards received an unforgettable and legendary message from Coach Ryan Bush.  

WSA 90 Boys vs WSA 88 Boys: The GCSA Labor Day Tournament Final that pitted two WSA teams was one of the most hotly debated contests before play ever began.  It is no wonder that once the whistle blew that the on field battle translated some of that fire.  Coach Josh Mac's two teams would meet and Coach Josh Mac would take the younger, WSA 90 boys team through the match, leaving WSA up and coming Coach Kennington in charge of the 90's.  In a match that was played under stadium lights in a typical fast clip, was gifted with some brilliant football. A tackle and turnover through normal steady Danny Keuhler would lead to the game winner for the 90's who took the championship trophy, pride, and bragging rights back to the West Side. 

WSA 80 Boys vs WSA 79 Boys: The 80 boys had just come on to the scene.  The 79 boys had established themselves among the locals as one of the best local programs in club history alongside the 76's.  Coach Keith Sullivan led the 79 boys with possibly the club's best all-time goalkeeper, Bucky Ray.  Roger Bush led the WSA 80 boys with an upstart and firey passion.  The game was played off site during the Spring 93 Flood.  And to add more marbles to the table both teams were unbeaten and primed to win their respective divisions.  The 80's played pesky, battled hard, and earned more chances.  However, John Hernandez and Michael Cliff would break down the 80's defense for a go ahead goal. It was Shawn Byerly who would level the score.  Then the game became a classic in an instant that almost changed WSA's club's destiny.  An inadvertent bounce struck the hand of WSA 80 defender Bobby Meyers and a penalty was awarded to the 79's.  When Bush yelled to referee Hitsman, "That's a great way to ruin a great game," he was given walking papers.  The penalty was converted, the 79's escaped, and the stubborn Bush came onto the post game field to shake hands (an apparent "no no").  In the end both the 79's and 80's went forward to formulate one of the most remarkable runs by a dying breed in today's sports, "neighborhood teams".