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Super Y 2020 Updates

Team Leaders:

First thank you for your leadership and advocacy for youth sport.  Your joyful leadership, convicted spirit, is extraordinarily important.  This is not a "during this time" statement.  But at any time. Your willingness to do the work, patiently and diligently lead your kids and families is extraordinary and I stand in awe of.  

Obviously each of our leagues this season will "during this time" be in jeopardy.  As you forge ahead with commiting your teams and following through, you are most importantly spearheading the joy and hope that is a reminder of our "why", and secondarily it is helpful as WSA attempts to secure various league platfroms for our organization for an ever changing future of youth club soccer.  We are hopeful that the Super Y platform will provide a great platform for competitive games against diverse competiton in future generations of the club.  Some of the shortcomings of hte 2020 season, endured by you, will be seeds sewn for future generations.  We appreciate you!  Thank you. 

And now, we do expect that your kids and families will have a blast in participating in this year's league set up! 

1. Part of the Super Y League Schedule is posted via these links: 

2. All teams who do not see a game vs Ark Comets on their schedule,  will receive an additional, minimal, 1 game during Aug 15-16 at RiverCity Parks, vs Arkansas Comets. 

3.  Some of the games vs Comets (those not appearing on the Super Y Schedule) will NOT count in the official standings and national finals qualification. 

4. WSA vs WSA games will take place during the weekend of Aug 22-23 at RiverCity Parks. 

5. Team Fees.  These are decreasing for most teams.   For teams and playes to be eligible for participation in the Super Y National Finals and USL's Player Identification program, the teams and players must register inside of the USL player system, which is approximately $40 per player and $50 per coach. There are also league admin fees, even with a few games.  Roger will  begin the process of getting teams informed of their "new fee" amount and restructuring their invoicing to reflect this by this Friday. 

6. COVID SUPER Y PROTOCOLS DOWNLOAD HERE - please read for your visit to Lewisville Park.

  • Masks required for parents on sidelines 
  • Do not arrive prior to 30 minutes prior to your kick-off 
  • Coaches wear masks until coaching

7. LODGING: In viewing the schedule you should be able to limit your hotel stay to ONE NIGHT in hotels (see suggestion below as well).  In many cases teams will not need hotels. 

8. Toyota of Lewisville Railroad Park Field Map

9. Google Address for Toyota Park: 1301 S Railroad St, Lewisville, TX 75057.

10. Suggestions for travel: If you are worried about "staying across state lines" there is an option to choose hotels in Southern Oklahoma and drive half the distance to that location and complete the drive the "day of" the game.  

11. We believe that Lewisville, located in Denton County, is no different in terms of transmission risk than Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Some COVID STATS (as of July 29, 2020)
Tulsa County COVID19 Cases Confirmed: 8,319 cases 
Denton County (Lewisville Park Location) COVID19 Cases Confirmed: 6,763 cases