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 *This memo pertains to ALL teams in All WSA Community Clubs including Academy       level teams. This excludes ECNL-RL, RL-NTX, EA teams. GIRLS ECNL-RL teams connect with Adriane Bradshaw. BOYS ECNL-RL teams connect with Barry Roberts, and BOYS EA teams connect with Michael Daniel. 


Hello Managers and Coaches,

Thank you to everyone who has submitted your roster via the WSA Team Roster 2021 Google form!
If you have not yet submitted your roster, please do so ASAP via this form (only submit once you have confirmed that 90% or more of your players have registered). 
Once you have submitted your roster, Rachel, will add all of your registered players to your 22-23 West Side Alliance Player List. You will login to your personal GotSport account at to view your team via the TEAM MANAGEMENT tab. Let me know if you are not seeing your team listed under this tab.
Please see attached file on how to view your 22-23 West Side Alliance Player List (this is your season roster that we will use to copy over to your specific league). 
If you are missing players, after your players have been registered, this means that those players have not registered yet with WSA (or are registered to the wrong team). We need ALL players registered ASAP so that we can purchase their insurance and/or player pass via US Club. THIS PROCESS CAN TAKE UP TO 2 WEEKS TIME.  Delaying getting players registered will risk the delay of your final roster verification for the season, and also forces players to pay on back-fees of installments which began on June 1. 

Please reach out to those players to have them register ASAP.

Players who are missing from your 22-23 West Side Alliance Player List will need to be resubmitted via the roster form once you have confirmed with the parents that they completed registration. PLEASE ONLY SUBMIT PLAYERS MISSING FROM YOUR ROSTER WHO STILL NEED TO BE ADDED ONCE YOU HAVE CONFIRMED WITH PARENTS THEY ARE REGISTERED.
The next step will be to have parents add player pictures and upload birth certificates.  Birth Certs will only be added for players new to WSA this year and all 2012 teams. Stay tuned for instructions and more info.
Please let me know if you have questions and as always, thank you so much for serving our kids :)
Rachel Bush
Registrar  | West Side Alliance S.C.
Phone: 314.680.8484 | Email:                                    
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