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All 11U-19U teams are required to have concussion screening and baseline testing completed during the preseason.  The deadline for completion is September 1, 2022. 

Why Baseline Screening?  Click Here.


Schedule for 2022:  This will be coordinated directly with Holly Thompson, with LifeMotion.  You wiill be contacted by Holly and she will coordinate your team's time.  * Previously last year's schedule was posted here.  We apologize for the inconvenience and confusion created. 

No payment due this year.  This is covered in player registration.


Partnership with LifeMotion 

LifeMotion is a physical therapist group specializing in orthopedics, balance, pain relief, vestibular, fitness and flexibility. 

Medical Expert to Serve Club 

Mrs Holly Thompson, a physical therapist and Director of LifeMotion Balance Center, serves as WSA's consultant and resident medical expert.  Holly is available to all WSA staff who may have a question about a player suspected of a concussion or brain trauma.  Holly has served in this capacity for WSA Soccer since 2009.  Email Holly: hthompson@yourlifemotion.comCoaches and managers are provided access to Holly's cell number as well. 

Concussion Screening & Benchmark Testing 

All WSA players are required to be screened annually for concussion symptoms.  At that time players will submit a test of balance and responsiveness that will also serve as benchmark if needed for future evaluations. 

Player Data Storage via Sway 

All player data collected during the screening process is stored in the cloud at Sway Medical.  Access to this player data is restricted to the WSA medical staff, overseen by Mrs. Holly Thompson.  Holly may make recommendations to coaches and/or players based on any observations or data that may demonstrate balance or coordination injuries that are pre dispositions towards injury.  This can help players alert WSA Sports Performance Staff and engage in any training program that is preventive in measure. 

Player Injury & Health Clinics 

Twice monthly, "in-season", at WSA Central facilities the club will provide "injury and diagnosis" clinics.  These are opportunities for players to visit with an athletic trainer, physical therapist or other expert to have any potential injury evaluated by an expert.  Treatments will not be available via this process, but recommendations for treatments will be.  Community Clubs outside of Central will have less frequent injury clinics that will also be made available by LifeMotion or other club partners. 

Education - Coaches & Players & Parents 

WSA requires all coaches to receive ongoing continuing education on concussion symptoms, return to play processes, as well as information on how to prevent concussions in players of various ages, different genders, and various stages of growth and development.  These in-services are conducted at various staff meetings throughout the year and are repetitive in nature (i.e. they are conducted minimally 2X per year to ensure an expanse of coach exposure).  Likewise players and parents receive education via the annual concussion screening date.  And WSA promises to push and promote literature regarding the research that suggests the new solutions to identifying symptoms, safe return to play, and simply awareness of the dangers and solutions regarding concussions.


Re entry Program, Protocol, Process 
WSA Soccer has established a re entry process for players diagnosed with concussions.  

  • Once a player is suspected of a concussion he/she must be removed from play. 
  • The player cannot reenter the game/practice until cleared by a medical person. 
  • If diagnosed with a concussion the player is required to participate in a concussion recovery protocol. 
  • The player cannot reenter active play without a signed note and clearance by a medical staff. 
  • LifeMotion provides opportunity for gradual reentry to physical activity programs.