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Participating Sponsor, Braces by Dr. C, Dr Llon Clendenen Family Orthodontist & Smile Specialist


WSA Soccer is excited to announce Tulsa’s River Parks Authority as the club’s 2023-2025 Jersey Honoree.  

This represents the first time in club history that WSA Soccer will adorn the club’s jersey front with another brand. 

“We are proud to align with and honor a long-time partner, friend, and advocate in Tulsa’s River Parks Authority,” reported Roger Bush, WSA Soccer Executive Director.

“We believe this concept of a jersey honoree reflects who we are, and points to our aim of who we want to continually become, a community servant, partner, and advocate.  The opportunity to express our gratitude for the relationship with RPA over the years is an honor and a privilege,” Bush continued.

Tulsa’s River Parks Authority has partnered with WSA Soccer through the usage of West Bank Sports Complex, since 2012.  RPA’s mission statement, “To enhance community life through stewardship of parks and public places along the Arkansas River”, is closely aligned to the mission and values central to WSA Soccer. 

The unique Jersey Partner concept allows others to become participating jersey sponsors, who receive benefits of recognition and acknowledgment by both RPA and WSA Soccer. 

Braces by Dr. C is one such partner, who has joined forces with RPA and WSA Soccer through this innovative concept. 

"We're all about smiles, and WSA's desire to honor another non-profit organization like River Parks Authority really brought a smile to my face and inspired me to want to be more involved with both organizations,” reports Llon Clendenen, owner of Braces by Dr. C.   

“It's easy to see the "other's first" desire of both WSA and RPA which is one of our Core Values as an Orthodontic Provider.  Our team is excited and we believe our patients will be excited too, as we team up with these organizations to be a support to our community."  

Any business wishing to receive more information about the opportunity to become a participating Jersey Partner can complete this
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RPA oversees the management and development of miles of trails that interweave through the Tulsa metro area, along the Arkansas River riverfront, and through the Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area. RPA also is and has been a key advocate and supporter of operations of many of Tulsa’s prime events, such as OktoberFest, Folds of Honor FreedomFest, and Wild Turkey.  Since 2020 WSA has partnered with RPA to develop a new Fall event for Tulsa, the Turkey Mountain Haunted Trail.

Jeremy Combs, WSA VP of Operations, expressed the excitement WSA Soccer has to honor the club’s relationship with River Parks Authority,  “RPA is a phenomenal resource for Tulsa.  It is an honor to remind others of the places we have to enjoy.”


As WSA Soccer continues to voyage toward Field of Dreams 21, a design concept for the renovation of the West Bank Sports Complex, the jersey partnership, and namesake of RPA will remind us each of our shared vision to build the community we want to belong to.  And it will help keep close in mind our vision to dream of stewarding and transforming the West Bank space, into a premier, nationally relevant multi-sport facility.  A vision of a future, and focus on the present, that helps activate the West Bank of the Arkansas River in line with the community’s River Development plans.

WSA soccer thanks RPA and Braces by Dr C, for their support and partnership.  The club looks forward to bridging further partnerships in the effort to be ongoing in building the community you want to belong to.



Giving Life to a Uniform

2023-2025 WSA Uniform Kit was designed twice.  The first design is under lock and key and will retain its mysterious story until a future disclosure. 

The final design, the one revealed as the 2023-2025 uniform kit, was born from the first design team’s efforts.  The uniform design team had two objectives, modernize the look, and tell the story. 

An effort to modernize the look can be found in the white jersey, with a genuine effort at creating a cross that is “reflective” of club values.

The new era club badge, when viewed from various angles will reflect various qualities.  This aligns with an important guiding concept, and pillar of WSA Soccer: PERSPECTIVE. 

Based on your perspective, you’ll see a slightly different color pattern in this year’s WSA Badge on the club’s white kit.  A special thank you to coach Barry Roberts and Brandon Day for the design effort and detail given to this portion of the club’s design.

The traditional navy jersey, with the traditional club badge on the front chest, and traditional “Side Before Self” cross on the back, is reflective of a club’s tradition.  If you can dig out photos from the 90’s, you’ll see a tie-in to the 21st Century jersey and the 20th Century jersey.


Three pairs of socks, red, navy, and white, will provide a multitude of kit options, with the club making available the distinct “tri-colors” kit of one strip navy, one strip red, one strip white.  In the early club days these tri-colors were worn during Sunday tournament finals.  The men’s/boy’s kit will have an “all-white” option, which will be sleek and racy with the new-aged badge.  And the women’s kit will be adorned with red shorts, a popular option among our ladies, that will unify all WSA girls teams.

A soon to be added piece, the recognition of the 6 National Championships, is not present in this kit.  There’s a story to tell. And it will be told in the future.  For now, look forward to a reveal of how the club plans to decorate and honor the 6 stars earned by teams since 2018.


The uniform tells the historic story, and the reveals a sparkling future, along with a very present mission. 

The final touch of the 2023-2025 uniform was the club sharing for the first time in club history, another entity’s brand on our jersey space.  This space is sacred to the history and story of the club.  The relationship to River Parks Authority is significant to our past, our present, and our vision of the future. 

Build the community you want to belong to.