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8 State Titles, 6 National Qualifiers

SOUTH LAKES (OK) June 3 -  Several WSA Soccer teams have made a lasting mark on the 2017-18 soccer season with exceptional performances in the final events of the year.  WSA was well represented at the historic inaugural Oklahoma Cup, sanctioned by US Club Soccer, both in overall team attendance, and also in the championship finals! 

16 Teams From THE SIDE reach the Oklahoma Champions Cup Final-Four

The Side was well represented in the OPC Champions Cup, the OPC "Final Four", held June 1-3 at South Lakes.

The 12 divisions from 13U-19U in the OPC Champions Cup were competing for the auto-bid to US Club Nationals.  

WSA had 16 teams reach the OPC Champions Cup "Final Four".  In those 12 divisons, WSA had 9 Finalist!  From those 9 finalist 4 qualified for US Club Nationals (03 Girls, 01 Boys, 00 Boys, 99 Boys). The tightly contested State Tournament once again served up some great elation for some of the WSA teams, and some heartbreak for others.

The WSA 03 Girls Blue team had 3 different chances to win their State Title from a spot kick, and missed on all 3 ocassions, losing in a 12-round penalty kick shootout thriller to OK Celtic.  The WSA 04 Girls played a very good OK Celtic 04 Girls team tight throughout until giving up a goal in overtime to come within sniffing distance of a state title.  OK Celtic would prove to be the nemeis to The Side on the girls side, claiming championship in all 4 of the Finals match-ups between the two clubs by a narrow 1-goal margin.  OK Celtic was recently selected to the ECNL, meaning WSA girls were competing essentially against future ENCL sides from OK Celtic.

While The Side's boy's program demonstrated great depth seeing 11 teams reach the Final Four in the 6 boys divisions (13U-18/19U), a few teams were still left head scratching.  The 04 and 03 Boys went into their finals with a great deal of confidence but were unable to put finishing touches on some nice play, and both would bow out in the finals.  The WSA 2000 Boys and WSA 2001 Boys were in top form for most of the event, and both groups won State Championships, adding those trophies to their Red River National Premier League titles claimed earlier this Spring.  The 2002 and 2005 boys would lose 1-goal heartbreakers in the semfinal rounds. 

WSA 01 Boys White claimed the 17U State Championship for 2018! 


14U GIRLS - WSA 04 Girls, Finalist, Lost 1-0 in OT to OK Celtic 
15U GIRLS - WSA 03 Girls, Finalist, Lost in Penalty Kicks to OK Celtic 
16U GIRLS - WSA 02 Girls, Finalist, Lost 1-0 to OK Celtic 
18/19U GIRLS - WSA 99 Girls, Finalist, Lost 1-0 to OK Celtic 
18/19U GIRLS - WSA 00 Girls, Semifinals, Lost 4-1 to WSA 99 Girls 
13U BOYS - WSA 05 Boys, Semifinals, Lost 3-2 to SLSC Cosmos 
14U BOYS - WSA 04 Boys Black, Finalist, Lost 2-1 to SLSC Cosmos 
14U BOYS - WSA 04 Boys Red, Semifinals, Lost 8-1 to SLSC Cosmos
15U BOYS - WSA 03 Boys White, Finalist, Lost 2-0 to OK Celtic 
15U BOYS - WSA 03 Boys Red, Semifinals, Lost 5-4 to OK Celtic 
16U BOYS - WSA 02 Boys, Semifinalist, Lost 1-0 to SLSC Cosmos 
17U BOYS - WSA 01 Boys White, CHAMPION, defeated OK Celtic 2-0
17U BOYS - WSA 01 Boys Red, Semifinals, lost 2-1 to OK Celtic 
18/19U BOYS - WSA 00 Boys White, CHAMPION, defeated WSA 99 Boys 5-0
18/19U BOYS - WSA 99 Boys White, Finalist, lost 5-0 to WSA 00B White 
18/19U BOYS - WSA 00 Boys Red, Lost Play-In Game 1-0 to TSC Hurricane 

07 Boys, 06 Girls, 04 Girls Claim Championships

The Side was no less present in the Gold Division of the State Tournament.  Six teams reached the championship match from The Side, and 3 claimed victory.  

The Gold Division of the State Tournament featured all of the "non-NPL" teams from OPC, or any team not qualifying for a "top-4" spot.  WSA's Arsenal division had a dominating performance in the Gold State Cup, pushing 4 teams from that community club into the "final-four".  

WSA Arsenal 07 Boys after winning the 11U Gold Division State Championship

11U BOYS - WSA Arsenal 07 Boys, CHAMPION, defeated Stillwater Apex 4-2
11U BOYS - WSA OKC 07 Boys, Semifinals, lost 2-0 to WSA Arsenal 07
12U BOYS - WSA 06 Boys Red, Semifinals, lost 1-0 to TSC Hurricane 
13U BOYS - WSA Arsenal 05 Boys, Semifinals, lost 2-0 to TSC Hurricane Umelo 
15U BOYS - WSA Arsenal 03 Boys, Finalist, lost 3-2 to NEOFC 03
15U BOYS - WSA Arsenal 03 Boys White, Semifinals, lost 4-0 to NEOFC 03 
17U BOYS - WSA 01 Boys Blue, Finalist, lost 1-0 to SLSC Cosmos 01 
11U GIRLS - WSA 07 Girls Red, Semifinals, lost 6-1 to TSC Hurricane Harding 
12U GIRLS - WSA 06 Girls Red, CHAMPION, defeated OK Celtic 06 Pride (penalty shootout) 
14U GIRLS - WSA 04 OKC Black, CHAMPION, defeated NEOFC 04 Blue 2-1
18/19U GIRLS - WSA 99 Girls South, Finalist, lost 1-0 to Apex 99 Girls 

WSA 04G OKC Black championship pose after claming the OPC Gold State Cup!

05 Boys, 04 Girls, 03 Girls Claim Silver Titles 

Three WSA teams went on to claim Silver hardware after being elminated from the OPC Gold State Cup.  The 05 Boys claimed their championship in dramatic fashion on the last kick of a penalty-kick shootout. 

13U BOYS - WSA 05 Boys Yellow, CHAMPION, defeated TSCH 05 Smith (penalty shootout) 
14U GIRLS - WSA 04 Girls Red, CHAMPION, defeated TSCH 04 Baba 3-0 
15U GIRLS - WSA 03 OKC, CHAMPION, defeated WSA 03 Red 3-1